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Today’s Fervorino.


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  1. redneckpride4ever says:

    “For 10% off use the code:

    Father, I have to admit I had a chuckle when I read this and realized you were an “official pitchman” so to speak. Just like your action alerts for Buy a Priest a Beer Day always bring me a smile.

    It got me thinking…ever since the crackdown of the TLM a lot of Catholics, myself included, have focused on preservation efforts and been loaded with frustration. I’m not saying we should change our stances or cease needed resistance. But…

    Maybe we all need to increase our charitable attitudes towards one another. That would include not only still bringing joy to one another, but also bring joy to those on “the other side”. You know, be willing to say the Rosary WITH someone who is part if the Charismatic Catholic movement (providing their intentions are rooted in orthodox doctrine). This is not to say begin endorsing or compromising. I’m just saying that being charitable might reap fruits.

    Fr. Pieroni, SSPX tends to the chapel I attend. He is hands down the strictest priest I’ve ever encountered.

    (Ironically, I find it refreshing due to the fact that when I was a teenager our local NO priest was what my Dad called a laughing hyena.)

    Nonetheless, Fr. Pieroni, in all his strictness hit on 2 points I recall which involve the need for charity: forgiveness to our transgressors and praying for our bishops, including the Holy Father. The latter was right after Traditiones Custodes was issued. His homily was intense and often loud, but it ended on the need for charity.

    One rule of thumb I always use if I’m say on a trip and wind up in a liberal-leaning parish for Mass: even if the priest is doing a stand-up routine for his homily, never assume that the person next to is not holy. They may be a far holier soul than I in spite of the surroundings. I’m not God and can’t know what’s in their heart.

    This isn’t to say I’d remain in the building if it turned out to be a “pride Mass” or the like. I’m not saying become apathetic. In that case charity begins with prayer.

    With all that said I hope you and all the other posters on this board have a blessed and joyful day.

  2. rhurd says:

    Today’s “Daily Rome Shot #417” is of the Palazzo Lancellotti and a fountain in the adjoining Piazzetta san Simeone ai Coronari. These are all located just beyond the northern tip of the Piazza Navona.
    The fountain was made in 1589 by Pietro Gucci on a design of Giacomo della Porta. It was previously in several places around Rome and finally placed in this piazzettta in 1973.

    The palazzo was built for Cardinal Scipione Lancellotti (1527-1598) who was a diplomat who served several popes, before and after he became a cardinal in 1583. He participated in five papal conclaves over 14 years as a cardinal. He is buried with several members of his family in the chapel dedicated to St. Francis of Assisi in St. John Lateran.

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