A note of thanks and something truly weird that I promise I will never do

Sometimes I receive items from my wishlist and there is no gift slip or indication who sent them.  That has recently occurred, to my great frustration.

That said, thanks to the person recently sent a helpful powertool.

I did find the slip for the tomatoes and the jam.  Thanks, GS!  They are always appreciated.  As a matter of fact, yesterday for lunch I had a PBJ and I used tomatoes in the evening for supper with guests from out of town.

His etiam scriptis, I saw that the ironing board that was on the list seems to be on its way.  Thank you.  I don’t know who you are… yet.  But thanks in advance.  The table wasn’t working for me any more.   Also, I seriously hate ironing, and not having the proper gear for it makes it all that much more onerous.

While I may not enjoy the ironing board in the way that I will enjoy the tomatoes, I also solemnly promise not to do the following.

Did you know that there is something called extreme ironing?   Yes… this is a thing.  HERE

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  1. mo7 says:

    Idk Father, python-esque video left me flat.

  2. TonyO says:

    Super hilarious, thanks for sharing it. But…just how did you come across this item? Were you looking for it?

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