Daily Rome Shot 470, etc. – and “Days in Rome” Project

From NLM.

In May I will be with a prolife pilgrimage group in Italy.  I would like to stay longer after it is concluded (since I’ll already be there).  So, I have my tin cup out in the form of the wavy flag.  Click! (Full disclosure: I may have to go again in October.)

SO FAR… thanks to: ME, DH, WH, KG, FC, TG, AH, HL, AB, DS, MB (MI), MB (CA), LD, IG, Fr. PV, GR, MP, PO’F, JL, AR (OH), AR (MA), DD, AN, PG, DD (NY), RW, PT, HB, MT, JL, JS, TS, JR, GG, RG, EG,TO’R, MM, MA, MDeW, MG, PS, JV, PMcD, JF,

You’ve hit the goal.   Additional contributions will be helpful, of course.  I am so grateful.  Now that I think of it, additional contribution will be welcome because PayPal takes fees, so I am actually short.  30 ? 30.   More like 35 = 30.  Still, this is very good.

I’ve made a specific list of donor emails for this project, although I couldn’t dig up the last, JF, which came via Venmo.   I am forming a plan perhaps to have some “premium content” for those who contributed.  Also, I will say Mass for their intention frequently during my Roman sojourn.  Moreover, now that the goal is attained, any additional that come in will go onto a “roll over” list for if and when I try to do this again in October.

Use your phone’s camera!

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  1. HFL says:

    If I may be so bold as to suggest some “premium content” Fr. Z, a few holy Roman recipes from your favorite haunts would be most edifying!

  2. HFL: You may indeed be so bold. I just had a flash of myself at a favorite place asking if I could go into the kitchen to take photos of the prep of what I ordered. That could be fun.

    In any event, I plan on having a short-term apartment so I can have a kitchen and save money on eating out. Rome is not cheap when it comes to eating out all the time. Frankly, I really enjoy being able to stop at all the different shops for my various groceries and talking to the shopkeepers, as I used to back in the day. There is always a visual cornucopia to revel in. Rome is photogenic.

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