Daily Rome Shot 473, etc.

The wonderful nuns of Gower Abbey, the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles, have a new disc and digital download:

Tenebrae at Ephesus


These are the RESPONSORIES of Tenebrae for all three days of the Triduum.  They are, arguably, the most beautiful chants of the entire liturgical year.

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  1. David says:

    Father, I have a beloved goddaughter working in Rome whose Sicilian fiance is doing two doctorates there in art history. We have a wonderful game going where I send them the Daily Rome Shots and they see if they can identify them, if possible without looking them up. But this little church has them stumped. Do you know its name or where it is? Or can your wonderful photographer friend provide that information?

    Best wishes for your upcoming Rome trip!

  2. David: this little church has them stumped

    The first clue is the open space. Not much of that in Rome. So, the first place to think about is… the Palatine Hill.

    This is Chiesa di San Sebastiano al Palatino.

    I am glad that the Rome Shots are providing some fun!

    May I ask how successful they have been?

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