Your Sunday Sermon Notes: Low Sunday, Divine Mercy Sunday, Quasimodo Sunday, Thomas Sunday, Sunday “in albis deponendis”

Too many people today are without good, strong preaching, to the detriment of all. Share the good stuff.

Was there a GOOD point made in the sermon you heard at your Mass of obligation for the Octave of Easter?

Tell about attendance especially for the Traditional Latin Mass.  I hear that it is growing.  Of COURSE.

Any local changes or (hopefully good) news?

Those of you who regularly viewed my live-streamed daily Masses – with their fervorini – for over a year, you might drop me a line.

I have some written remarks about the TLM Mass for this Sunday – HERE


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  1. Angelo Tan says:

    A Pastoral Letter (of the Bishops of our Ecclesiastical Province regarding our forthcoming National and Local Elections) was read, replacing the sermon.

  2. happymom says:

    Happy Easter, Father. I attend the NO and today we had a very thorough homily on faith, and the precepts of the Church, today concerning confession and what is and what is not a sin to confess. Our parish is very good about confession, with lots of time available every day.

    Also, on Friday, we had a sung TLM for Easter Friday, with our bishop in attendance (this is a huge deal, please pray for our diocese). The Mass was very moving, and jam packed for a Friday morning! (Maybe 250 people?)

  3. Dave P. says:

    Full house as usual at the 10 am Mass at St. Stanislaus in Milwaukee. Fr. Cliff Ermatinger gave an excellent defense of the Divine Mercy Devotion, with examples of the poor translating which got it banned in 1959.

  4. Jim Dorchak says:

    In our work on our little home stead we have the task of harvesting our animals for the freezer. Our youngest son Thomas who is 14 has participated in this chore since he was about 8. Part of this is the removal of the Innards of the animal which is never pleasant. So when we were listening to your description of St Thomas having to put his hand inside our Lord and touch his heart, our son THOMAS knew just what you were describing in great detail.
    Your portrayal of the event was spot on. Beautiful in its duality of the necessity of the moment in life and how THOMAS was compelled to do this by his Lord Christ.
    Thank you. You spoke directly to him our Thomas.

  5. Cornelius says:

    SSPX Mass. Priest spoke about how St. Thomas wanted faith on his terms (physical evidence), not the Lord’s . . . he prodded us to examine where we do this with our faith.

  6. SancteDeus says:

    The FSSP parish down here in Atlanta has grown so much that we have moved from the main church to the gym for Sunday masses. And now that isn’t big enough either! No clue what we will do as we continue to grow.

  7. OldProfK says:

    During the NO Mass Sunday morning, Father talked about Thomas as being “desirous Thomas” as well as being “doubting Thomas,” which was a take that hadn’t previously occurred to me, at least.

  8. iPadre says:

    Based mine on the Introit since it is the same in both EF and OF. Related how the neophytes in the early Church had a “desire for for rational milk.” They desired the Sacraments, solid Catholic teaching to form their minds and fellowship with their brethren. Do we desire the same? Do we have the same zeal to grow in holiness and Christian community with our brothers and sisters? The only way we will make it in today’s world is if we have that desire and take advantage of all that God has given us through His Church.

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