ACTION ITEM! Must see brief VIDEO Alert! What was done to the Mass?

Part 2 of the trilogy Mass of Ages is out.

I have some mixed feelings about this second part, to which I will perhaps give voice in the future. Keep in mind that I’ve been writing and commenting on these matters for a very long time.

One thing that is striking in the new film, which is a “must view”, is the moment when the changes to the Mass in the Novus Ordo are shown graphicly, without comment.

While Summorum, in saying there were two forms of the one Roman Rite, was a deft juridical solution to a problem, no one with the slightest clue really thought that theologically, historically, structurally, the Novus Ordo and the Vetus Ordo were the same Roman Rite.

This brief video excerpt underscores the point.

Have a look at this excerpt.  Make sure everyone you know sees it.

Here is a link to the full video on YouTube. I have it set to the moment featured in the tweet. You can easily go back to the beginning. However, if you want to show people, quickly, what was done to the Mass, start here. It will open some shocked eyes.

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  2. Rod Halvorsen says:

    Yes. It’s excellent. For the ordinary of the novus ordo examined in more detail, step by step, watch this podcast.

    No caricatures, no clown Masses, just a through review of the novus ordo Mass and its numerous, sharp and important differences from the traditional Mass.

    As convert in a novus ordo parish, my wife and I were given the impression that the NO and TLM were more or less the same, the difference primarily being the language used to pray them.

    Nothing could be farther from the truth.

    From what I can tell in interacting with cradle Catholics, this misunderstanding is widespread, and many now, after all these decades, are viewing the Mass of the Ages video and finding themselves shocked and not a little bit angry at the apparent disingenuousness of the historical narrative to which they have been all these years subjected.

    50 years in, it’s high time the truth in its details is made known.

    In my opinion, there is a reckoning coming, praise be to God.

  3. Cornelius says:

    Wonderful graphic showing how the Ancient Mass was gutted . .

    (Aside, can anyone please tell me the name of the choral piece that starts at the one hour (1:00:00) mark?)

  4. jameeka says:

    Cornelius: I looked at 1:07:34 and displayed some of the music credits and performers. It may be ” O Magnum Mysterium”—M Lauridsen?

    I especially like the William Byrd choir music at the end.

  5. Cornelius says:

    Thank you, jameeka. I should know it, it’s a well known piece of choral music. But thanks.

    On the video, may I hazard a criticism of the excellent graphic showing the elimination of huge swathes of the Vetus Ordo?

    While the loss of content from the old Mass is certainly remarkable, more critical (for me, at least) was the targeting of “negative theology” for elimination, e.g., references to man’s sinfulness, his need for redemption, his unworthiness before the Holiness of God. These references were deemed unacceptable for “modern man”.

    It was this content-specific editing that convinced me that the New Rite is fundamentally a different religion. That conviction has not changed. If you are a Novus Ordo “Catholic”, I think you adhere to a different religion.

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