FLORIDA OPPORTUNITY ALERT: Treasures of the Church

An FYI for you readers in FLORIDA.  Fr. Carlos Martins, who had the apostolate with relics of saints called “Treasures of the Church” is presently in Florida, making a circuit of the states, pretty much a different city and parish every day during May.

His schedule is HERE

You will not be sorry to have attended his presentation.

As I write this he is in Belleview, FL.  He will be in Sarasota, Naples, Tampa, Ave Maria, Miami, lots of places.   Check it out.

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  1. ZestyLemonZach says:

    Wow thanks for this. He’s going to be in my town this very night and I wouldn’t have known otherwise. I’m free from work at that time too!

  2. Gregg the Obscure says:

    i was able to attend this near metro Denver in July 2021. highest possible recommendation.

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