ROME 22/06 – Day 18: Honoring the Blessed Sacrament

On this fine, sunny, hot, Roman June day the sunset occurred at 5:32.  Sunset, 20:51.  Ave Maria, you already know….21:15.

Today in many places there was the “external” celebration of Corpus Christi, or Corpus Domini, or Corpus et Sanguis Domini, or Solemnitas Corporis et Sanguinis Domini Nostri Iesu Christi, depending.  At the traditional parish in Rome, Corpus Christi was celebrated on Thursday, according to the Vetus Ordo calendar.  However, it was celebrated also on Sunday for the sake of El Pueblo… er um… the people.   This is NOT the same as transferring Ascension Thursday to Sunday, or Epiphany.

There were many restorationists present at the Sunday Eucharistic celebration.  Quite a few of them were restored to the state of grace in the confessional before and during Mass.  Fourteen of them became a new kind of restorationist by the reception of 1st Holy Communion, thus not only restoring but also reinforcing and complimenting their baptismal character.   Other restorationists were honoring their mothers and grandmothers by wearing lace in Church.  And there was one cleric present who wore a biretta for the first time, I think.  He got the hang of it.  That’s the mark of a restorationist: being able to learn new things.

There was a procession after the Mass in the streets of Rome, through the neighborhood, across Piazza Farnese to a little church where St. Philip Neri started some of his work.  Then back to the mothership.

The procession Cross.

The decoration of the altar.  Note the position of the throne for the monstrance…

The reaction of some cardinals when they heard the new red hat list.

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  1. Ave Maria says:

    Happy to be a ‘restorationist’ and help restore the patrimony that was stolen for us. All for the glory of God and the salvation of souls!

  2. ex seaxe says:

    Have you Fr. noticed that in the USA it is – National Martini Day.

    [Alas, I missed it. There’s always next year.]

  3. JabbaPapa says:

    There’s some more about the situation in the Diocese of Frejus-Toulon here :

  4. Rich Leonardi says:

    There were many restorationists present at the Sunday Eucharistic celebration.

    I’m sensing a new meme for T-shirts and coffee mugs in the making.

  5. Kathleen10 says:

    Restoration is a good thing. Finally we’ve been given a compliment.
    Thank you for the up front seats to that, Fr. Z. Nice.
    Your trips are super fun to follow. Almost like being there.

  6. FranzJosf says:

    I would love to know more about that pasta dish. Looks heavenly.

    True story from about a week ago at a gulf club:

    I happened to be standing in the club house near two men getting their gear ready. One said, “You do have the beer?” I piped up, “Is the Pope Catholic?” Without missing a beat, the other man said, “That’s debatable.” We chuckled and looked one another knowingly.

    It happened “in the wild” so to speak, not in a traditional or even conservative stronghold. Anecdotal, but revealing all the same, I think.

  7. Imrahil says:

    In fact, around here we do have Corpus Christi as a public holiday (thank God). But that doesn’t mean we don’t have Corpus Christi Sunday.

    The quite established tradition, for city-dwellers, is to have a all-parishes-together “city procession” on the holiday itself, and then “Parish Corpus Christi” on the following Sunday. As for the Mass before that procession, Novus Ordo Parishes apparently switch between using the Mass of Corpus Christi and the Mass of the Sunday (but with Corpus-Christi-ish splendour), especially if it happens to have somewhat fitting texts. Our Old Mass community went together with the parish it belongs to, in a very beautiful procession. (After the Eucharistic blessing, we had an additional First-Mass blessing by a newly ordained FSSP priest.)

  8. JonPatrick says:

    After watching the video above it made me think how unifying the old liturgy is, not only because of being in the common Latin language but also that it is mostly done the same way so that it is familiar. Contrast this with the Tower of Babel that the NO and post V2 devotions (where they exist at all) which have many options and attending one you are never sure what you are going to get. And yet we have this myth that getting rid of tradition will somehow unify the Church.

  9. MarianneF says:

    Yes! Someone please make restorationist T-shirts. And don’t forget to add some lace.

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