You have seen the logo for the 2025 Jubilee? – UPDATED


You have seen the logo for the 2025 Jubilee?

It’s really something.  I can’t tell you what that makes me think of.

A lot of people submitted designs.  This is the fellow who designed it.


His name is Giacomo Travisani.  There is a story in Italian HERE.

Someone today mentioned an additional fact about him, so I looked around.

Same guy?

I think it may be.   If so, he is a specialist in all sorts of techniques of massage.

That’s different!

From the site:

Il mio bagaglio professionale vanta di diverse tecniche di massaggio quali:

  • Massaggio Base Svedese;

  • Massaggio Ayurvedico Abyangam;

  • Massaggio Californiano Emozionale;

  • Massaggio Hawaiano Lomi Lomi Nui;

  • Massaggio Thai oil;

  • Massaggio Sportivo;

  • Massaggio Decontratturante;

  • Linfodrenaggio Vodder;

  • Taping Kinesiologico;

  • Massaggio Thailandese Tradizionale;

  • Massaggio Anticellulite;

  • Massaggio Kirei e Kobido;

  • Anatomia Palpatoria.

I can’t say I know what those are.

I’m not a graphic artist.

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  1. Ariseyedead says:

    I’m shocked! Shocked!

  2. Lurker 59 says:

    The Human Centipede VII: SJ Boogaloo

  3. jason in kc says:

    “In fact, many hand-drawn designs were received from children from all over the world, and it was really moving to go through these drawings which were the fruit of imagination and simple faith.”

    Could we go with one of those instead? I mean, a ghost massage train (my charitable interpretation) is really moving and all…

    Being a designer myself, I almost always shudder at the logos that get developed for these things. I also dislike the contest/spec work aspect of it; if one insists on having a logo, devote the necessary resources to do it well.

  4. dahveed says:

    Father, perhaps the three in back are accompanying (or massaging) the one closest to the cross?

  5. TheCavalierHatherly says:

    I know people are going to be upset, once again, by the affronts to taste which we’re constantly assaulted by… but I would like to quite giddily point out that four people piggybacking an anchor in the middle of the ocean is probably the best analogy for this pontificate I’ve ever seen.

  6. Philmont237 says:

    A conga line of Windows 95 ghosts about to drown because they are holding onto an anchor in the water.

    Also the translation seems off.

  7. Eugene says:

    Padre, ho letto l’intervista.
    Posso sole rispondere Dio aiutaci, Cristo pieta. Signore pieta!

  8. Rich Leonardi says:

    A pachamama conga line perhaps.

    Or, in light of the artist’s side hustle, a group “Massaggio Californiano Emozionale.”

  9. APX says:

    Does men wearing one earring have the same connotations in Italy as it does here?

  10. Senor Quixana says:

    Ugh. Just ugh.

    I think this has become the banner of my dread for the Church for the rest of my lifetime. Perhaps when my grandchildren reach my age we will be turning things in the right direction. We have survived libertine popes and bishops in the past, but these things frequently take decades or more to repair the damage. (NB I am not accusing Pope Francis of being a libertine in his own conduct. I am aware of nothing that is scandalous in his personal behavior.) Looking at the state of things today, something I never imagined when I was an altar boy in the ’70s, I will renew my thanksgiving to the good Lord that I have an orthodox pastor and a faithful bishop. My suspicion is that we are going to have to hold fast here in the pews because the institutional church seems rudderless. The current leadership seems incapable of producing vocations among fellows who will follow in their footsteps so a turn toward the good, hopefully, is in the cards when our new, generally orthodox, vocations become the leadership of the future.


  11. Charles E Flynn says:

    There is no black figure, so this is not a sly reference to the Olympics, with its blue, black, red, yellow, and green rings.

  12. The only thing worse is the three-eyed monster logo for the Year of Mercy.

  13. teomatteo says:

    ‘Massaggio Anticellulite;’
    I went to school with that guy!

  14. RosaryRose says:

    It’s the Sydney Opera House turned on its side and painted with Sodomite paint.

    … which also looks an awful lot like the Church turned upside down painted with sodomite paint. When they say “Love is love”. What they mean is “lust is love”. Which is not true. Lust is lust.

    God is Love. God is Truth. Truth is love. Love is Truth.

    It may be time to climb the mountains to those who still put wheels on their wagons. (Reference to an older Fr Z post). This is exactly why Abp LeFebvre preserved a piece of the Church. It looks like we have until 2025.

  15. B says:

    Rainbow jubilee. I wonder what they are hoping for?

  16. Patrick-K says:

    “Lighter fare…”

    The reclamation of the rainbow symbol must happen at some point. When God said, “all flesh shall be no more destroyed with the waters of a flood,” you can read that with the emphasis on “all flesh shall be no more destroyed” or “with the waters of a flood.” Maybe this can be turned into a reminder of the Flood, including its historical accuracy, which is attested to in virtually all world civilizations.

  17. Fr. Reader says:

    Flying ghost dancing the conga.

  18. Dan says:

    One lone cardinal clinging desperately to the cross while his other brothers rip him away from it. “We don’t need that anymore.we have the spirit of Vatican II!”

  19. Benedict Joseph says:

    One cannot help but recall the papal admonition to Archbishop Forte in regard to communion for the divorced and remarried –“…not too directly or it will make a mess. We’ll clarify it later…”
    Looks like a rainbow to me.

  20. Liz says:

    Lord have mercy on us!

  21. Sean og says:

    The guy (appropriately) dressed in red has tied the Cross to an anchor and is preparing to jettison it, accompanied by his, oops, their, acolytes.

    The rainbow makes its appearance yet again! I somehow doubt it’s intended to recall the promise God made to Noah, but hey, I’m not a meteorologist.

    How many Social Justices (SJ) does it take to throw the faith overboard?

  22. Kathleen10 says:

    Holy cow, that’s some link! I do not know why all this copied, but you could (and should!) just go to Vox Cantoris to see the answer to this logo, because it has been found, beautifully found. I hope this link works but if not, just go there and see it yourselves. Note: the purple teletubby was always known as homosexual. Purple is the “gay” color, and he carried a purse. It’s hilarious because even the order of colors is correct.


    This festering papacy never gives up, it’s a constant assault. But they have the energy to keep going and so need we. From the pew, it’s the usual blather, anything TLM = BAD anything VII = GOOD. It’s the same old theme, pounding the drum, tooting the horn. But we don’t want it. We want the TLM, and nothing he can say will change that. Nothing. They have no argument at all because it’s all based on lies and their preferences. All the old canards failed and will fail. Spirit of Vatican II. Feh. That was always obviously to fool the people and make things so fuzzy hopefully those in the pew wouldn’t notice everything changed. Well we noticed. And we reject the replacement for the Vetus Ordo. The argumentation amounts to nothing, it’s the same old words. Their church is DYING.
    If I could give a message to Francis and Rome and the bishops and Cardinals who are part of this, I would say, you cannot change the inevitable outcome. No matter what you do or who you punish or what you try to take away. You cannot do it. If the illusion of no TLM is there it will only be temporary at best and in limited locales. We will have the TLM, today, tomorrow, 1000 years from now if the world still exists.
    Because Deus vult!

  23. surritter says:

    “There is no black figure, so this is not a sly reference to the Olympics, with its blue, black, red, yellow, and green rings.”

    No black figure? This logo must be… must be… racist!!

  24. G1j says:

    They could have used red, green, violet, and gold (white) to resemble the liturgical colors. But then again…maybe they did. Sometimes blue is used instead violet in Europe. Although I’m not a big fan of the design…It could have been much worse.

  25. mo7 says:

    I would like something a little less Madison Ave. and even less Christopher St. Don’t we have something in a DaVinci laying about?

  26. klandovitz says:

    “The official logo … has been unveiled.”

    Manifestatio manifestat.

    A veil is an instrument of mystery — of the nuptial mystery especially. This logo and attendant press release constitute an icon of clericalism rampant — of curial narcissism — of an inward-looking element of the Church gazing at itself and celebrating itself. Here we see the self-aggrandizing techniques of Mammon, clothing the banal in the raiment of the sublime, urging us to accept wasteful luxury as a nourishing essential. Calling the publication of this logo “unveiling” mocks the most profound mysteries, in whose ritual enactment a veil is properly used.

    How fitting, the coincidence of this “unveiling” with the publication of Desiderio desideravi. Need one search further for what has sapped people of their sense of awesome mystery?

    As for the logo itself and what it calls to mind, “infandum regina iubes renovare dolorem” — let me just say that I find it “strangely touching” …

  27. aam says:

    Very fruity. The colors too.

  28. What if I told you that I would be *shocked* if it were anything different, given previous design trends?? Sigh.

  29. DvdH says:

    I’ve just seen this. See the comment by Veronica Rose near the bottom of this article

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