But the Traditional Latin Mass has to be suppressed.

But the Traditional Latin Mass has to be suppressed.

Translation of original HERE:

An air mattress as an altar in the middle of the sea, parish priest and faithful in the water. Thus Don Mattia Bernasconi, vicar of the pastoral care for young people of the parish of San Luigi Gonzaga in Milan, celebrated mass in Alfieri, one of the most beautiful beaches in the Crotone area. The parish priest used the air mattress as an altar.

Don Mattia, together with some boys from his parish, was in Crotone to participate in a “Campi della legalità” event.

Being Sunday, they decided to go to the beach, but it was also necessary to celebrate mass, so the parish priest explained what happened: “We had chosen a pine forest for a campsite, but it was busy. It was very hot and so we said to ourselves: why not put in the water? A family heard us speak and made their mattress available which we transformed into an altar. It was beautiful even though we got burned ”.


Not as burned as you are going to be if you don’t repent and knock off those jack ass antics with the most sacred thing we have.

From Il Giornale


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  1. ByzCat08 says:

    Lord have mercy

  2. Venerator Sti Lot says:

    “we transformed into an altar”: how? With an antimension? One hopes not (that would be no way to treat a relic).

  3. frfleming says:

    This demonstrates clearly what constitutes a valid censure from the church or why a priest should be placed on leave. Yet, instead, these bishops applaud this guy’s openness and creativity and withe the other hand suppress the EF and persecute good men trying to inculcate virtue and sanctity in their parish ministry for unclear and dubious reasons. We need a sea change, and one can only hope it happens soon.

  4. Suburbanbanshee says:

    If Father had said Mass on the beach, on an altar on the sand, it could have been done respectfully.

    Of if Father had said Mass on an altar on a boat, it could have been done respectfully.

    But saying Mass in a swimsuit, with no vestments, for a bunch of kids in swimsuits, with a possibility of a wave sweeping the “altar” away at any moment…. What was he thinking????

  5. TheCavalierHatherly says:

    He was a very cynical man, but I think if Friedrich Neitzsche had read that article he’d die again of a heart attack. Talk about bourgeois “Christianity”.

    This is, of course, what a certain type of prelate desires: people who still fork over the cash, but can’t be bothered with “observances” and “decorum” and “virtue.” It also happens to be what certain principalities and powers want as well.

    The temptation to be angry isn’t unjust, but I do feel a large a measure of pity for people who, wittingly or not, choose to live such drastically dull lives.

  6. Dave P. says:

    They were in the woods. Couldn’t they have found a shady spot, or erected a canopy, or used a larger walk-in tent? And if heat is a concern, then offer Mass early in the morning, when it’s cooler.

  7. DeeEmm says:

    If this doesn’t illustrate the Church of feeling instead of thinking, I don’t know what does. It felt good so they did it. I wonder how Our Lord felt?

  8. WVC says:

    Would you, could you in the sea?
    With swimming trunks for you and me?

    I would not, could not in the sea,
    With your inflated heresy!
    Not in a bar or skating park!
    Not at Sea World on top a shark!
    Not with orangutans or other beasts!
    Not with old hags who think they’re priests!
    Not with dancing, wiggling hips!
    Not with “Gather Us” on my lips!
    Not with pagan bowls or gods!
    Not with guys who think their broads!

    Your modern fads just won’t atone!
    Now leave the Latin Mass alone!

  9. WVC says:

    Sorry for the typo in the 3rd to last sentence! I rushed it!

  10. Chrisc says:

    What are the odds?

    The organization ‘campi della libertà’ promotes the growth of youth, culture, service and art by using formerly mafia owned mafia vacation spots. As mentioned on the frontpage of its website, it also happens to partner with and promote ‘arcigay,’ an Italian youth homosexual advocacy organization that organizes events for teens throughout the country.

    So this priest went with the boys of his parish, huh? Something tells me he won’t be receiving an ecclesiastical reprimand.

  11. TonyO says:

    The reasons to object to this event are as numerous as the grains of sand, as many as the waves washing ashore. The justifications for it are: it seemed convenient at the time, though we got burned. On top of the malice that must have been behind this priest’s formation, there is also the towering, blaring stupidity of it with which Satan is striking at the Church to undermine the natural response to such wrongful acts, which is outrage and just action: it is hard to muster true outrage at such immensely, preternaturally stupid people, who are but tools for others.

  12. Ivan says:

    Yet another variation of the (sea)fruits of the VII.

  13. Julia_Augusta says:

    At least there weren’t any altar girls in bikinis.

  14. Hugh says:

    I and my sister just popped into my old parish Church of St Thomas More’s, Campbell in Canberra, Australia. Surprisingly, it was open. We said some prayers, then moved to go. I heard a noise backstage, and an elderly lady appeared. She was just about to lock up, and was visibly stunned that there were people actually wanting to worship. I explained that we’d moved back into our old family home after decades away.

    She said “So, we’ll be seeing you on Sunday?”

    I responded “Actually, we go to the Latin Mass.”

    To her enormous credit, she asked “Oh, where is that?”

    I gave her the details, and she said with obvious enthusiasm: “Hey, that’s really near where I live!”

    I continue to be stunned by the number of people I meet, Catholic or not, who have no idea about the existence of the Latin Mass, but who are very interested when they find out.

    Pray for Kathy.

  15. choirlady says:

    Cardinal Gregory just cancelled the Latin mass in all parishes in DC and Maryland with the exception of four places that are not traditional parishes. The faithful are being punished while blowing bubbles and dancing during mass and other antics are perfectly fine.

  16. B says:

    Maybe he was hoping to wash away the smell of the sheep.

  17. sjoseph371 says:

    I know they’re at the beach, but c’mon, at least have some modesty, people, at MASS! If any of them showed up in a bikini or shirtless at Church, they’d be chastised.
    Look, I’m no prude when it comes to what one wears AT THE BEACH, but can they at least TRY AND LOOK like they’re showing reverence to God? I also don’t blame the kids here fully – I’d say 99% of the blame goes to the shirtless shepherd. And not for nothing, I know it probably doesn’t need a rule (but given this, it obviously does), but isn’t there something in the “priestly rule book” where the celebrant actually needs to wear certain vestments to celebrate Mass, much less just be properly clothed? Why not just go all out and wear a Speedo – heck, just go au naturale as God made ya!!!

  18. hilltop says:

    Weeeelllll, what we have is a situation where stone altars don’t float, see?

  19. Sonshine135 says:

    Lord, I am sorry for the numerous blasphemies perpetuated.

  20. Chuck4247 says:

    my heart aches to learn of such open ridicule for the sacred

  21. ajf1984 says:

    Surely there will be a stern admonition from his Ordinary, following the provisions of Redemptionis Sacramentum 126: “The abuse is reprobated whereby the sacred ministers celebrate Holy Mass or other rites without sacred vestments or with only a stole over the monastic cowl or the common habit of religious or ordinary clothes, contrary to the prescriptions of the liturgical books, even when there is only one minister participating.” Right? What’s that I hear? Crickets?

  22. VForr says:


  23. APX says:

    All I see are man boobs. I can’t unsee them.

  24. Grant M says:

    But Father! But Father! The Mass has to be made relevant to the young people, because, err…Vatican 2!

    I know that back in the day, when I was an unchurched teen, if someone had invited me to attend Mass in the sea with bikini-clad girls, I would have found it VERY relevant. (Or possibly just daft.)

    (Oh, if only there was a time-tested Rite with proven appeal to all cultures and to young and old alike…)

  25. sjoseph371 says:

    As an update, I did find this:

    I give the local diocese credit for decrying this liturgical abuse, and to some degree I even give the offending priest some credit for at least admitting to being “imprudent” in his actions.

  26. Grant M says:

    Ok Father, for your penance, stay underwater while praying the second chapter of Jonah…

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