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Probably saw the consistory list.

From a column in The Guardian, white mates in three moves.  Tricky.  Forced play.

White to move and force the line.

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  1. _Dan_ says:

    I believe the mating net is woven as follows:
    1. Na3 c4 (only legal move for black)
    2. Bg7 c3 (White marks time, forcing black’s pawn forward)
    3. Nb3#

  2. Dan: Thanks for that! However, your solution doesn’t work. You start with

    1. Na3 getting the knight out of trouble and covering b1 and c2 so the black king has no move. That forces, as you note, 1 … c4.

    Then you offer…

    2 Bg7 which keeps the b2 square covered.

    Since the black King has no legal move, black is forced to advance the lonely, trembling pawn 2. … c3

    Then you say

    3. Nb3#

    What that looks like….

    As you can see that doesn’t mate and it lets the black King escape to b2 because his lonely, trembling pawn has blocked the a1-h8 diagonal for that white sniper where you placed him on g7!

    There is a way to do this, but your solution didn’t force the mate.

  3. _Dan_ says:

    Fr. Z,

    Right you are of course! I see now that the correct move should have been 2. Ba1, accomplishing the same effect of forcing the black pawn forward but still covering b2 for the final 3. Nb3#.

    I quite enjoyed this one, thanks!

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