Daily Rome Shot 503, et al.

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Today in 1972 Robert James Fischer failed to show up for Game 2 of the World Championship Match with Boris Spassky.   Hence, after 2, Fischer 0 – Spassky 2.   Very hard to come back from a 2 point deficit.   1 point for a win and 1/2 for a draw.

Another easy puzzle from Chess.com today… White to move and crush.

Meanwhile, remember to patronize the great traditional Benedict monks of Le Barroux, who are making wines from the revived vineyards of the Avignon Popes. They feature now the Via Caritatis Vox Rosé.    HERE

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It is possible that some of you have never had a good Rosé.  I assure you, they do exist.

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  1. _Dan_ says:

    1. Qf5+ leads to inevitable mate on white’s next move:
    If 1… Kc6 then Qb5#
    If 1… Ke8 or 1… Ke7 then Qf7#

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