Daily Rome Shot 504

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If you want some fun…

3:16 isn’t just in John!

I just received a tee with this, it’s in the washer as I write.


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  1. leftycbd says:

    Black to move:

    B-K6 check

    White’s options:

    1. RxB, Black: Q-B8 mate
    2. R-B2, Black: QxR check, White: K-R1, Black: Q-B8, mate
    3. K-R1, Black: Q-B8 mate

  2. leftycbd says:

    Nope! I’m wrong

  3. JonPatrick says:

    After RxB, Qf1 is not mate as BxQ

  4. leftycbd says:

    One more try:

    for Black:
    B-K6 check

    White’s options:
    1. K-R1, Black: Q-B6 mate
    2. RxB, Black: Q-B7 check, White: K-R1, Black: Q-B8 check, White: BxQ, Black: RxB mate

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