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Last night during the evening “reception”, when we just hang out and talk, I trotted out my Leviticus 3:16 shirt, which caused some amusement.   I said I would post the link:

3:16 isn’t just in John.

In other news, yesterday, International Chess Day, Magnus Carlson announced that he would not defend his World Champ title.  Now Ian Nepomniachtchi (#2 at the Candidates in Madrid) and Ding Liren (#3) will play each other.   Magnus isn’t pulling a Bobby Fischer.  He is still going to play chess and chase that 2900 rating.

Disappointed? I am. However, I sort of get Magnus’ position, but I would like to see him play. He says that he wouldn’t enjoy the format and that he other concerns.

Meanwhile, 50 years ago, it was a rest day in Reykjavik.  Coming up on the 23rd will be the famous Game 6.

From Chess.com, the puzzle today.  Be careful!   Go the wrong way and white wins.   Find the right move and black forces victory.

Black to move.

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