VIDEO: A young person’s message to the Cardinal who shut down her Traditional Latin Mass

A message to bishops… specifically Card. DiNardo.

Longer version HERE

These bishops are hurting people.  That’s precisely the goal that some of them have: they don’t like the TLM, but even more they don’t like the people who like the TLM.



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  1. Kathleen10 says:

    Lovely young lady, and well said. She speaks for many. When things don’t make sense at all, sometimes it helps to look at them from another angle. Why would the church want to persectue the obviously sincere faithful who merely want the Mass of Ages as they have had for two thousand years, the only growing segment of the dying church. “It makes no sense”, we say.
    But it does, if that is precisely their target and what they wish to destroy.
    They have made themselves perfectly clear to anyone with eyes.
    We must act accordingly.

  2. donato2 says:

    I like the line about the longer drive harming the environment. That’s a concern that opponents of the traditiional Mass might understand.

  3. george says:

    I commend this young lady for putting that little video together. I hope her bishop sees it and it moves him.

    However, I am afraid to those who are calling the shots out of Rome that the breakup of orthodox communities is a feature, not a bug. I think they will be unmoved by heartfelt expressions of anguish because they hate those who love the TLM. I fear, too, that they will also be indifferent to stories of those who have converted or returned to the faith because they don’t want people believing the orthodox Catholic faith which is unchanged for millenia, they want them to believe catholicism-lite.

    In the end, though, the victory is the Lord’s and the fight is ours. So this video was great!

  4. redneckpride4ever says:

    Don’t put anything into the collection plate. Follow the 5th precept by donating directly to an orthodox apostalate. To avoid the Diocese getting money, your local pastor can instead receive tithing in the form of altar bread, wine, candles, etc.

    “But Redneck”, someone will say, “The Church is subsidized by those with deep pockets!”

    And that means you should add to the slush fund why?

  5. RosaryRose says:

    Why? What does Cupich or anyone care about the TLM? Why are they so bent out shape over this? I’ve tried to get the TLM said in my diocese, and found a good deal of pushback from fellow Catholics who grew up w the NO Mass. From this pulse in the pews, one would think that the TLM would not matter….

    Why is this so key to them?

    When the leaders speak of “unifying” the faithful – they are Not speaking of Catholic Church. They mean – we must All go Protestant. We must all go New Church.

    The new Mass is the Episcopal liturgy. I had questioned why we added the Mystery of Faith (among many other questions of why in this New Mass). Especially I wondered because immediately following the consecration we say “Christ will come again”.

    It was a “teaching” Mass in the PRE program when I really saw it. Here we are, all on the altar, sweet little faces and us old fogies, all around the altar, standing like we are at a concession stand. I knelt for consecration, made my class kneel even if no one else did, the Priest consecrated the bread and wine. God comes down from Heaven – a MIRACLE before us – what an opportunity for these kids who don’t go to Catholic schools and have 60 ‘minutes of theology a week to know that Christ is Present Body Blood Soul and Divinity HERE, NOW!!
    Nope. We said one of the standard Memorial Acclamations. Why, why, why?

    Thanks to the vision provided by year 2020, I saw clearly when my mother in law’s laptop played the Episcopal service, and bam. They said what we say.

    I am Catholic. I believe in the Real Presence. I believe in the God Who parted the Sea, Who walked on water, Who knows every hair of every.single.persons. head – born and UNborn! I believe in Jesus Christ. Mary Magdalene whose feast is tomorrow, was not allowed to touch Him and she was at The Cross! My jewish friends are not allowed to touch the Torah with their bare hands. I dare not touch my God. Communion only on the tongue while kneeling.

    Who the heck do people think they are. That’s where the Mass has gotten us. Jesus told us to Remember Him. By this new Protestant Mass, many have forgotten Who God is. More sadly, many have never known.

    There are rules for behaving and dressing in the presence of the Queen of England. I will KNEEL when the Blessed Sacrament is exposed. Every time. Every. Time.

    My Dad helped bring the SSPX to our city the last time they tried to push this. I am praying this opens peoples eyes that Archbishop LeFebvre was simply protecting the Catholic faith.

  6. ProfessorCover says:

    Dear RosaryRose,
    The 1928 Book of Common Prayer’s Holy Eucharist was much different from Rite II in the modern Episcopal Church, though the modern Rite I is similar to the 1928 version. The Eucharist was celebrated ad orientem in the old prayer books and in Rite I at least till 1998 when I left.
    Between 1969 when I graduated from high school and 1977 when I began going to church again most Episcopalian churches had begun using the provisional new Book of Common prayer. It’s Rite II is similar to the Novus Ordo when the latter uses one of the crazier Eucharistic prayers. There was one version we used to call the Star Wars consecration.
    So the two liturgies moved together, as did the Presbyterian, Lutheran and Methodist liturgies. The result in those churches was similar to what has happened to the Roman Catholic Church—declining attendance because there is no point in going to church if there is no such thing as sin and the liturgy is empty and has very little beauty.
    I think most Catholics don’t know that the liturgy was modified in co-operation with mainline Protestant Churches, all of which self destructed as well. Those who say the revision of the liturgy did not cause the decline is Mass attendance must explain then why it did cause the decline in church attendance elsewhere.

  7. RosaryRose says:

    ProfessorCover, agreed!
    Our cycle of readings changed, Saint Feast days changed – why? My sister who attends the SSPX hears the readings as assigned in the tradition. The readings I hear at my very reverent NO Mass are the same as the ones my Mother in law hears at her Episcopal church. This New Church now being heavily forced upon us is Protestant.

    Everyone else probably already knew this. I’ve just been wondering “why” for so long.
    Why hide the message of Fatima?
    Why not promote the rosary?
    Why ignore purgatory, the four last things?
    Now it is so clear.

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