ROME 22/06 – Day 31: Someone saw the list… no… the Letter!

Rome greeted somewhat less blazing sun at 5:36 and shall bid the chariot to depart at 20:52.  The Ave Maria remains in the 21:15 cycle.  It is the Feast of the Most Precious Blood and this month is dedicated to Its veneration in a special way.

I ran errands today, sad errands, because they are my last errands in Rome.  Along the way I visited churches ever familiar, ever surprising.

One of the things I did was stop to discuss the refurbishing of my chalice.  I am debating the issue of filling that crown of roses with stones.  Or… leave it?  It is unfinished, in a sense.  I put it there because of St. Therese, with a view of, on some anniversary, completing that feature.  Decisions.   I want to bring it back in October and have the work done that had wanted to do for my 25th… and then for my 30th….


Yesterday, Sts. Peter and Paul, a glimpse of Vespers at Trinity Pilgrim Church.

A quick stop in S Lucia:

The saint herself.

A lovely confessional to remind you to GO TO CONFESSION!

Their version of the Sacred Heart:

I stopped to chat with some guys building back the sanpietrini in a road that was fixed. Here’s a moment of how they do this.  A bed of sand.  They place and hammer into place.  Fill with more sand and then concrete.


Chiesa Nuova has construction inside and they took away the body of St. Philip for a recognitio.  I won’t bother with it.

Through Navona…

Someone saw the consistory list!

I popped into S.M. Anima, the German church.  Wow.  So clean and beautifully illuminated now!   Just a couple shots.

The tomb of Pope Hadrian, the last non-Italian before John Paul II.

Into S. Agostino…

I prayed especially for the fallen away children of my benefactors and donors.

Here is a GREAT place to eat in the V. Pianellari.Tell them “Padre John” sent you.

A stop in the magnificent little Portuguese church of S. Antonio.

And while the consistory list has been circulated, he has read the new Apostolic Letter…

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Please, friends, remember to patronize the wonderful Benedictines of Norcia.  They make fantastic beer.  Get some.  Try some with good sausages and cheeses.  It’s amazing.

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  1. Sid Cundiff in NC says:

    Thank you for naming a Roman restaurant that you like.

  2. I think a special campaign between now and October could go a long way to filling in the gemstones…..

  3. Zephyrinus says:

    Thank You, Padre John, for your riveting Roman photos, meals, restaurants, Churches, stories, etc.

    Thank You, also, for the Prayers at the innumerable Churches.

    We look forward to Chapter II of The Roman Journey in October 2022.

    in Domino

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