ROME 22/06 – Day 32: My View For Awhile

I was up with the Roman sun at 5:37 but I won’t be around for the sunset at 20:52.  I won’t be around to hear – or not hear – the Ave Maria bell ring in Vatican City at 21:15.

Some last samplings of a Roman day, my last full day.  I met a priest friend (also a ham) for lunch.  Vitello tonnato was really good, just the thing for a warm summer.

Carbonara appealed to me in theory, but I just couldn’t make my way through it all.

The day was mostly involved with writing, packing and cleaning.   However, in the evening The Great Roman™ showed up and we had a brief stroll before parting ways.

A special place in Rome is Navona.

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If you want some fun…

3:16 isn’t just in John!



My view for awhile.

The airport was mayhem.

They now have a system where you drop your bag going to be he farthest door in the terminal. Of course that isn’t where the taxi leaves you. After that hike and maneuver, alllll the way back to the other hand end for security. This is when two major stream of “human traffic” collide trying to get to the right place.

Some 45 minutes later and involving inexplicable disappearances of personnel, one endures the enth passport check.

The airline lounge is still amazingly “covided”. There is a buffet but there is one gal who has to fetch what you want. At a couple minutes per person, …

Another gal dashed back and forth from what I suppose is a kitchen bringing new things to serve as depleted.

The food was not bad and there was variety but an inefficient process. It amazes that even having waited upwards of 15 minutes some people still hadn’t decided what they wanted. “Ummmm….”

My flight has been delayed so I had time to deal with the chow line.


The flight went well. Apart from a nap I player bullet chess most of the way with a very high rate of success. I finally started trying some really zany stuff. Results varied.

The food on the flight was disgusting. There’s no way around it. Even by airplane standards it was mainly inedible.

Fast passage through customs and baggage and recheck and security – maybe 10 people being screened in both places regular and pre-check! – and a nearly deserted terminal train got me to the next stop for a cheeseburger.

Not the best but customary.

I was upgraded.

Almost there.

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  1. ThePapalCount says:

    Safe travels home FrZ.
    Thanks for sharing your time in Rome with all of us.

  2. WVC says:

    Waiting at the airport getting ready to leave Italy? Don’t you mean the “Ciao Line”?

    [Wow… words fail…]

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