VISUAL CONTRASTS in Chicago… remember the TLM must be suppressed in favor of…. what, exactly?

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  1. Concerned_Catholic says:

    Business is obviously good for the devil in Chicago these days.

    Almighty God, please send your army of angels led by St Michael to route out the devil from Chicago and restore the sacred liturgy for all faithful Catholics. Amen.

  2. Ariseyedead says:

    Did the guy on the left really say, “like the GOOF-ball…”? I dunno, maybe it was dewfall. Hard to tell.

  3. B says:

    The reason why prelates like this are against the TLM is because they cannot manipulate this group of Catholics into accepting homosexualist agendas, etc. Therefore they take away the Mass which feeds them. And they fear the many, many young Catholics in this group for they have a great impact on the future and Catholic thought.

  4. Discipula says:

    I thought I heard Goof-ball as well, but it was dew fall. He was using Eucharistic Prayer II. I’d be willing to bet that was a Sunday Mass as well. If bishops and cardinals want to declare war on the old Mass I suppose they deserve to have these sorts of videos made pointing out the ridiculousness of the double standard.

  5. Chaswjd says:

    I am wondering what the about the conduct of the priest on the left says that He through whom the universe was created is actually on the altar in front of him.

    We communicate our beliefs as much by our words as our actions.

  6. teomatteo says:

    B. Yes. The homosexualists agenda intends to destroy every institution. (Including itself)

  7. Michael Haz says:

    The TLM shown on the right side of the screen was actually at St. Stanislaus Oratory in Milwaukee. Reverend Canon Benoit Jayr was the celebrant.

  8. sjoseph371 says:

    Maybe if the TLM’s incorporated bubbles in their rubrics or used an electric guitar to bless the congregation, or even better, replaced teh Virgin Mary’s statue with teh Pac Mamma this would never have happened.

  9. Mike says:

    So very sad.

    Here in the DC Archdiocese it’s not ideal NO land but it isn’t that, my goodness!

    I would walk out of that guy’s Mass on the left in the first three minutes.

  10. Gab says:

    One of the reasons I fled the NO – too much yakking in the Mass, no time for prayers.

  11. Lurker 59 says:

    I’d argue that most bishops don’t know what actually goes on in the local parishes on a day-to-day basis. What they are aware of, if anything, tends to be funneled through the chancery and the local presbytery counsel — the ecclesial equivalents of the deep state and union bosses.

    With everything being online now, it is much easier for the bishops to check in on things, for good and for ill. It is a two-edged sword, indeed, but it would be beneficial for there to appear more videos like this comparing various local masses — especially homilies as that gets past a lot of the external variances between NO Masses.

    For this video, the left side (NO) has been fairly typical of Masses that I have been to throughout my life. It is actually sort of middle of the road, sadly. It is really helpful to watch the video with the sound off — has a completely different feel than hearing the audio.

    Why is it permitted (and will continue to be permitted). Easy. “Active Participation” and the NO can function as a vanity project for the priest and this is seen as a good thing. This is a Protestant thing whereby the minister seeks to bring the congregation to Christ by creating a connection to the congregation through his own personality. The project rests on the assumption that the minister because they are a minister, has a greater connection to Christ and the only way for the congregation to be connected to Christ is to know Him through the personality of the minister. Ultimately it is a rejection of the “personal relationship with Christ” (even though this is talked about at length) with it being, in practice, found only through “encounter” “relationship” “accompaniment” with other people, especially with the personality of the minister.

    The problem with TLM is that it says that the priest’s personality isn’t important (and might actually be harmful) for the laity’s relationship and worship of God.

  12. Orual says:

    Ariseyedead, maybe the goof-ball he was referring to was himself.

  13. Ariseyedead says:

    Orual, that did cross my mind. ;)

  14. WVC says:

    @Lurker 59 – I see your comment and raise you a comment. I suspect that a large number of bishops likely do not care what goes on in their parish so far as liturgy is concerned. I suspect that, much like Francis, they enjoy targeting and hurting Latin Mass communities from a desire to hurt the people who love the Old Mass because those are the types of people that don’t fall in line with the rest of their agendas (LGBTQ+ “outreach”, anti-American “diversity” propaganda, Federal cash flows to support never-ending immigration, socialist welfare policies. . . etc.) Some of these men behave as if they have no faith in the sacraments and no concern with the liturgy, and it reminds me of an old William Marra talk where he gives the example of a bishop castigating folks going to Adoration as “cookie worshippers.”

    Thinking that folks like this actually care about Novus Ordo liturgical abuses is giving them one benefit of the doubt too many. It’s like arguing with abortionists – it’s mostly pointless because they KNOW it’s murder, they just don’t care. Arguing about the TLM with many folks is a similar problem – they KNOW it’s a superior liturgy, they just don’t care about liturgy at all.

  15. Lurker 59 says:


    The view on the sacraments seems to me to be one of extrinsic justification rather than an intrinsic internal change of individuals. If all you consider that can be done about the evils in this world is to create new social structures, paradigms, and encounters/accompaniment/relations amongst people, the liturgical focus is going to be on 1.) whatever speaks to the people to get them into the pews 2.) whatever allows the local community to express themselves 3.) whatever brings in outsiders 4.) whatever doesn’t exclude outsiders those on the margins.

    It has nothing to do about what gives God glory. If one was putting the glorification of God first, the Missionary Mandate would be being fulfilled AND those on the margins would be treated better.

    Semi-related: I noticed that there is a 3 Year push by the USCCB for a Eucharistic Revival that just started up. Can you imagine what the TLM parishes could do with that? If you are doing a ER, it will prompt people to think about the liturgy, and if you start thinking about the liturgy you start noticing things about the NO. BUT if there are no TLM around…

    Anyway, perhaps I am being harsh, but there is a seriousness to this and it is being treated unseriously (the local diocese’s website for the ER very clearly indicates that the whole thing isn’t thought through and looks like it is just going to die in the vine.)

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