God bless this nun in Naples.

God bless this nun in Naples.  God bless her.

Watch the nitwits.

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  1. Ms. M-S says:

    May her tribe increase!

  2. Dominicanes says:

    There is nothing like a mad, Italian nun! Soon, there will be none like them left! God bless her! Let’s pray that this will be a grace of repentance for those 2 young women.

  3. James C says:

    Unfortunately a leading Naples priest threw her under the bus:


    “Local priest Father Salvatore Giuliano said: ‘The Church has always been updating its views but in all walks of society, even in ours, some members, maybe of the older generation have not kept up with the latest changes.’

    ‘I embrace this nun, who simply had the same reaction as any of our grandmothers would have. Within the Church a feeling of understanding has begun and this has started through Pope Francis who recently met for the first time with a transsexual in the Vatican.’

    ‘Yes, much work still has to be done but it’s becoming increasingly clear that love between two people of the same sex is no longer taboo in any environment.’”

    More from this Father Salvatore Giuliano, from an article in Corriere della Sera:


    “‘The Church is a welcoming mother, as we are taught by an often neglected document of the Second Vatican Council, Gaudium et Spes, which in the Fourth Constitution, reads as follows: “The joys and hopes, the sorrows and anxieties of the people of today and of the poor above all and of all who suffer are also the joys and hopes and sorrows and anxieties of Christ’s disciples, and there is nothing genuinely human that does not find an echo in their hearts. Here in these words is contained the meaning. Who are we to judge the sexual orientation of people who enter the church?’ Don Salvatore Giuliano, pastor of one of the most important and beautiful churches in the historic center of Naples, the Basilica of San Giovanni Maggiore, which is located in the heart of the scrum, a stone’s throw from the Oriental Institute, starts from this consideration. In his parish on March 26 there will be a meeting with the symbolic title “Lives in the Dark” dedicated to the theme of transsexuality, in which Loredana Rossi, leader of transgender women in Naples, and Vladimir Luxuria will be guests, who will tell about themselves and their experiences of faith.”


    This is all OK. But the traditional liturgy? Terrible!

  4. Mike says:

    The other tribe is sterile.

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