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Daily Rome Shot 550, etc.

There’s a shop on the Piazza Navona where there are many chess sets for sale.  Note also special decks of cards for Italian games like scopa and briscola.  There are decks from different regions for their games, Brescia, Naples, Lombardy, Piacenza, Sardinia… Salzburg. Click … Read More

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“Aestate pueri si valent, satis discunt.”

There is a little poem in the Epigrams of Martial which reminds us not to work children too hard during the summer, not to over schedule them or task them with too many organized activities or lessons. Ludi magister, parce … Read More

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One year ago tonight…

… I saw my first cicindela of the season. As Martial wrote: Ancillam tibi sors dedit lucernae, Totas quae vigil exigit tenebras. Shall I see one tonight, I wonder? I have seen wonderful vespertilliones at the appropriate hours.

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