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ROME 22/10 – Day 4: A stroll and an “I dunno”

In Rome sunrise, still to take place as I write this part of this post, will be at 7:08. It will appear to set at 18:49 and the Ave Maria is in the 19:00 phase. It is the Dies Natalis … Read More

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Daily Rome Shot 550, etc.

There’s a shop on the Piazza Navona where there are many chess sets for sale.  Note also special decks of cards for Italian games like scopa and briscola.  There are decks from different regions for their games, Brescia, Naples, Lombardy, Piacenza, Sardinia… Salzburg. Click … Read More

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Daily Rome Shot 531, etc. – packed!

Catholic?  Have a site or web project?  The Catholic Signal Corps might be just the right resource for you.  Recently we helped Padre Pio Press. Please remember me when shopping online. Thanks in advance. US HERE – UK HERE  These links take you … Read More

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Daily Rome Shot 515, etc.

I’ve been updating the “Day in Rome” project.  Thanks to the donors! Also, I learned that Wyoming Catholic College is looking for a chaplain. HERE In Chess News… 50 years ago today in Reykjavik, It was challenger Fischer v. Spassky in Game … Read More

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Daily Rome Shot 502, et al.

It’s Amazon Prime Day and there are lots of deals. Please remember me when shopping online. Thanks in advance.  US HERE – UK HERE To try Amazon Prime for free – US HERE – UK HERE Health report: As you may recall, I … Read More

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50 years ago: 11 July 1972 – Spassky-Fischer – Game 1 (Nimzo-Indian)

I had learned to play chess from my grandfather and, by the time 1972 came around, I was well into competitions. I spent a good share of my youth in the summers in the West, Montana and Wyoming.  Let’s just … Read More

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Just Too Cool: Salt and Pepper repurposed

This is a really fun bit of correspondence.  For you chess lovers, or … perhaps flea market and collecting lovers… From a reader… Dear Father Zed, or Father Zee (as we say up here north of the 49th!!) For several … Read More

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ROME 22/6 – DAY 8: A Spanish Saint, Tomato & Pig Cheek Sauce, Brutal Self-Assessment

In Rome sunrise was at 5:32 and, though we may not see it for the clouds, sunset is scheduled for 20:47.   The Ave Maria bell ought to be a 21:00. This is the splendidly illuminated S. Maria in Monserrato, named … Read More

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Wherein Fr. Z asks for help with “pieces” issues – Chess and LENTCAzTs

A couple things. First things first. People are complaining that my LENTCAzTs “pieces” are not showing up in iTunes or Google podcasts. That’s because I can’t figure out how to post them in Soundcloud and have them to into iTunes … Read More

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17 Jan ’08 – Bobby Fischer

From Twitter… Keep in mind that Fischer probably was received into the Catholic Church before he died. Just… suggestin’ So, two childhood heros named Bobby.  One is still alive.

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A chessy post not without obiter dicta – UPDATED (more pics)

UPDATE 9 Dec 21: One of you wrote: “But Father! But Father!  You showed interior of the finished board and some pieces, but you didn’t show a photo of it set up!  Inquiring minds…” Okay,  that’s fair.  Scroll to the … Read More

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St. Teresa of Avila, Chess, and You

Since I am working to recover my long lost chess game, I thought you might like this, from The Way of Perfection 16 by St. Teresa of Avila, Doctor of the Church and Patroness of Chess Players. 1.But you may … Read More

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On chess and gratitude and a dig at the loony Left

First and foremost, thank you to the reader who sent from my wishlist (‘happy birthday to me’) the wonderful “Lewis” chessmen, found on Lewis Island in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, not at Lewes in Sussex where friends of mine … Read More

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What Fr. Z is up to.

After several decades, and not of the Rosary in this context, along with other things I had loved to do and that I was good at and I that I had shelved because of seminary and priesthood, I’m getting back … Read More

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FOLLOW UP to “Of Leo XIII, Caruso, and Chess”

From a reader reacted to THIS post… I see from your recent post that you are a denier of the Fifth Lateran Council. You resist its Canons on the playing of chess and association with actors. After 800 years, we … Read More

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Saturday Interlude: Of Leo XIII, Caruso, and Chess

UPDATED: See end. Did you know that Canon 16 of the Fourth Council of the Lateran in 1215 forbade priests from playing chess? It was considered a game of chance (clearly by non-chessplayers).   That canon also forbade participation of clerics … Read More

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Of chess and clerics

Out of curiosity, en passant as it were, are there any Catholic clerical chess players among the readership? I don’t mean just clerics who know how to play, but rather clerics who do play.  More often than a couple times … Read More

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What a difference a bishop can make.

From Chess.com today, the Daily Puzzle is from one of the 18th c. “Modenese Masters”, Domenico Ercole del Rio (+1802).  There is an elegant forced mate here in 3 but it requires a bold sacrifice.  White to move. What a … Read More

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Everyone wonders why Chess isn’t an Olympic sport

People all over the world wonder why Chess is not an Olympic sport. Why? Chess has it all. “But Father! But Father!”, some of you skeptics, probably papolatrous pipsqueaks – Peepees – are peeping, “In chess they, you know, they … Read More

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Searching for Bobby Fischer’s search for the Catholic Church

My boyhood summers – when there was still such a thing as boyhood – were in large part spent in Montana and N. Wyoming, running like a brown animal, riding bare-back, swimming, biking, and going to minor league ballgames with … Read More

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