Daily Rome Shot 563, etc., well… not quite

No, this isn’t in Rome.  It is, however, inspired by so much that is British in the news right now.  We begin this “Feast of the Seven Sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary” with strong English Breakfast tea and toast with smear of Patum Peperium (thanks to the readers who sent it).

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And since I’ve been reading around in canon law, and in honor of the inimitable Fr. Hunwicke, the Z-Swag mug features the arms and portrait of The Legislator, Pope Benedict XIV (Lambertini) of happiest memory.  Shall we see his like again?

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Here’s a puzzle for your morning brain start.

White to move.  Black is threatening mate in one, so you had better find forcing moves and fast!

And just for kicks, which in Latin is “animi caussa“, a friend in Rome sent this… which makes this is a “Rome Shot”.


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  1. Sophronius says:

    My Go-To condiment for any type or kind of toast when there’s no jelly is Nutella!

  2. TonyB says:

    White Bishop to F1? Black can still check, but she’d be in the wrong place for the pawn to support her.

  3. Adam Piggott says:

    I struggled a bit with this one but I finally settled on:

    Bishop C4 – F1.

  4. JonPatrick says:

    My go-to topping for toast while in the UK and Ireland was blackcurrant jam. I wish I could get that here in the US. Just the right amount of tartness.

  5. We have a couple different methods of notation here! One of the guys I play against regularly OTB uses that double notation, indicating the departing square rather than the piece.

    That said, thanks TonyB and Adam for the responses. I suggest that you are distracted by the checkmate threat against you and, therefore, missed your own checkmate threat against black. “Check” this out. If you are under threat of checkmate in one move, you have to attend to it immediately… unless you have forcing counterplay, that is you can attack and check before your opponent can deliver the killing blow.

    Try coercion. Sac the rook with a check that coerces the black king to take the rook, thus landing on a square where it is vulnerable to another check from your irritated queen. You have tempo. Black has that nasty threat, but is helpless to use it.

    1. Rh8+ (which forces) KxR
    2. Qd8+ (which forces) Kh2 (if Rg8 then QxR#)
    3. Qh4#

    White’s sneaky queen slithers like an Apache helicopter through black’s pawn chain to administer death down the H file.

  6. Adam Piggott says:

    Okay, so I considered the Rh8+ move but I couldn’t make it stick.

    What I missed was the Qh4#

    Thanks for the chess lesson, once again.

  7. JonPatrick says: blackcurrant jam. I wish I could get that here in the US

    But you can!

    Click HERE.

    I strongly recommend the Tiptree brand by Wilkin & Sons. Everything they make is first rate.

    Everyone… use my links and you can find good stuff.

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