Name-Calling Expertise and a VIDEO

I just finished reading a good opinion piece at The Catholic Thing by Fran Maier, “The Fine Art of Name-Calling”.  His first example is, naturally, the Fishwrap (National Schismatic Reporter), truly expert name-callers in the finest Alinsky style.

Do read Fran’s piece.

To supplement your consideration of his theme, I received today a video which made me think immediately of, yes, the Fishwrap.   There’s just something about it… some …je ne sais quoi… that made me think of the editorials there, the columns.

Fun bird.  Makes more sense than… many in the public eye.

BTW… I’m happy to report that when started a web search for “national catholic…” the first thing that came up was the REGISTER.


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  1. robtbrown says:

    Jacques Maritain, if memory serves, distinguished different temperaments of those of the Right and of the Left. Those of the Right prefer Order to Justice. Those of the Left prefer what is not to what is.

    He also thought the most ruthless ruler is the man of the Left in a position that is designed for a man of the Right. He is more than willing to use the powerful governing apparatus for ruthlessly implementing what is little else than his own ideology. (Feel free to apply this to anyone who lives in Santa Marta.)

    And the weakest ruler is a man of the Right in a governing position designed for a man of the Left. He is without the apparatus to govern.

    Maritain’s own personal politics was naive. Like John Courtney Murray it never seemed to occur to him that a secular culture intended to implement structures to destroy Catholic culture. His distinctions above (at least as I remember them), however, seem to offer insight into what happened in to 20th century (cf Lenin) and what is happening now.

  2. TheCavalierHatherly says:

    I legitimately wonder if a good portion of their website traffic is just traditionally-minded Catholics looking at what outrageous things they’re saying.

  3. Cornelius says:

    He puts his finger on the central difference between Catholic faithful and the Catholic “progressive”. The former seeks to change the world in accordance with Catholic principles, the latter seeks to change Catholic principles to accommodate the world.

    Hence all this blather about accompaniment and discernment and “lived experience”. It’s all a Trojan Horse to subvert Catholic teaching.

  4. teomatteo says:


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