The Novus Ordo giving us another “unique expression” in Ireland

Another jackass priest, in Ireland, Fr. Roy Donovan, of Limerick, committed an act of sacrilege, during the consecration in a Mass.  He is part of the Ass. of Catholic Priests in Ireland. Hence, he’s a crackpot.

What did he do this time?  During Mass, he raised the chalice for the consecration and, as we hear in a recording provided by a video at the site Catholic Arena, he went to the zoo.

Background.  The “Liam McCarthy Cup” is the trophy awarded annually to the winners of the Irish hurling championship.

The one who posted this, provided the audio and then rants for a while, clearly upset.

In another video, the jackass Donovan addresses a probably small, elderly “We Are Church” group.

He compares the Church to the Taliban.

In the video above, at the consecration, the jackass Donovan says… it’s a little hard to hear and he has a typical oatmeal mouth, so he slurs and elides:


“At the end Jesus took the cup filled with wine, again he gave thanks, and (unintelligible) lifted wine lifting the Liam McCarthy Cup high, the cup of victory, Jesus once said to us, this is the cup of my blood, the cup of victory over evil, victory over death, victory over all that defeats us(?) as humans, it will be poured out for our liberation(?) / renovation(?), through this memory of me.”

I think I got that right.  Correct me if you have a better ear.

But remember… the TLM is NOT, apparently, the unique expression of the Roman Rite.



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  1. Ave Maria says:

    I did not listen to the screed but the bottom line is that while there was no valid consecration nor Mass, there was blasphemy and sacrilege. Any knowing Catholic should have gotten up and walked out. They could notify the bishop but that probably would not do any good.

  2. eamonob says:

    I know he said the words “this is my blood”, but it is so changed would that be an invalid consecration?

    Man, with every one of these videos I see, I always think, “There goes any chance of reunion with the Orthodox if they see this.”

  3. Prayerful says:

    Sadly these aged pseudo rebels of the Association of Catholic Priests are as close to the establishment as possible. Fr Roy Donovan is a Redemptorist, and the journey they have taken from preaching fearsome but salutary missions to scandal every other week, is a saddening one. The government has a bill banning any pro-life effort at or near an abortuary, and also extends it to include Ireland’s mostly lamentable parliament, Dáil Éireann. If a Catholic were to risk jail by demonstrating, if this bill is enacted, they would probably be supporting any pro-abort demo run by some state funded NGO.

  4. Kenneth Wolfe says:

    I only recommend reading this list of seminaries in Ireland (every religious order seminary is closed, with one diocesan seminary remaining and one neocat/missionary seminary) if you have a full bottle of Jameson next to you:

    This was the great country that sent boatloads of priests to staff U.S. parishes and schools until Vatican II.

  5. Nighthawk says:

    His diocese has inspired me to write a poem:

    There once was a priest named Roy,
    who used Hurling for a devious ploy.
    McCarthy Cup raised,
    in blaspheming unfazed,
    Not aware that he is à la croix.

  6. Son of Saint Alphonsus says:

    Oh. One of my confrères. I’m not surprised in the least. Take it from one in the inside: the Redemptorists are steeped in heresy and aren’t even a shadow of what they once were. At one time, like our holy father Alphonsus, they were about saving souls. Now they are about damning them and themselves.

  7. The Vicar says:

    I think we are being unfair. He is being creative and adapting a word salad embolism to the liturgy.

    What could possibly go wrong?

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  9. There is a small inaccuracy in the Wikipedia article with regard to Maynooth; historically the capacity of Senior House (1st -4th Divinity) was 580 give or take a few. The chapel holds 600 in its stalls. Junior house (Logic, Rhetoric and Humanity) held circa another 300. But there was a lot of movement too. No-one was ever ordained from St Malachy’s in Belfast; it only housed students doing their Scholastic Philosophy courses in the Queen’s University. They then went on to Maynooth or moved to live in the Irish College while doing theology in one of the Roman universities. However, the overall picture is as depressing as it appears, questions of detail notwithstanding.

  10. JonPatrick says:

    We just got back from a brief trip to Ireland and while the country has become very woke and secular there are still occasional reminders of the Catholic faith that once permeated the country. For example near our hotel in Dublin there is a statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus on the sidewalk where there was a taxi rank, to watch over the drivers as they go about their rounds. Occasionally someone usually an older woman would stop and kiss the statue and cross themselves. It was very touching. I wonder how much longer something like this statue can survive in the current climate over there,

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