UPDATE: DIY Camera Repair

Firstly, THANK YOU to the readers who sent batteries for my camera from my wishlist!  Much appreciated!

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We rejoin our adventure into camera repair after a break while we awaited the arrival of parts from China.

I was reviving a Canon Powershot camera which I figured has a faulty screen, thus making it pretty much a paperweight, for practical use purposes.  It worked, but without a screen to see what you were aiming at, etc.  Well.  I had explored repair options and figured that it wouldn’t be time or cost effective.  Hence I searched up the replacement screen, found one on Ebay and got to it.

Got to it… successfully, I might add, except for in the final stretch, I broke something.  I tore a  fragile connector ribbon that linked the control knob at the top.  Not good.

Another hunt for parts ensued.  Aliexpress.

Once I got a good look at this, I hunted some down online.

I ordered three of these little buggers in case I broke another.   The Chinese said that they would arrive by 23 Sept, which is within acceptable parameters in view of my upcoming sojourn in Rome during October.  However, they came early!

I put everything in place, with the new connector and tightened it down.

I bless the man who thought of making magnetic screwdrivers.  These screws are really small.   Always plan on where you are going to put them when you take things apart.

Now… how to get that tiny tab into its slot?

It took me about a half hour, but I got it.  It was… truly vexing.

Mostly reassembled, time to test.


The screen cost about $30 and three connectors $7 with shipping.

I now have a functioning 20 Mpixel camera again with a good optical and digital zoom.


Speaking of DYI….

… when you GO TO CONFESSION, follow tip #8 in Fr. Z’s 20 Tips For Making A Good Confession.  This is important.   You can avoid this by using tip #1 and tip #5.



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  1. JonPatrick says:

    Interesting. For a while I was of a mind that one didn’t need real cameras anymore now that mobile phones have advanced the quality of their optics. However recent experiences on a trip trying to take pictures in bright sunlight have convinced me a real camera with a conventional viewfinder may be worthwhile. I have an old Canon EOS Rebel with a dead battery I should be able to revive at the cost of a battery, the old one not holding a charge anymore..

  2. AA Cunningham says:

    id ipsum facere

  3. maternalView says:

    I have a couple, maybe 3 old cameras in a drawer. One for sure still works. You’ve inspired me to pull them out and give them a try once again.

    The absolute best camera I had was part of a Sony Ericsson phone. Best music and great photos. It was a Sony so the music was great. So easy to sort and play what I wanted. Came in the phone didn’t have to download anything. Haven’t had anything as good since. And the photos! I took stunning photos in Hawaii and people would ask what kind of camera I used! That was the best phone. Nothing compares since.

    For awhile I had an iPhone. Never achieved the photos others got. I did pull out my Canon sureshot while I had that phone as the pictures were better. Had been thinking of getting another camera but I think I need to access what’s in that drawer first!

  4. hwriggles4 says:

    Boy I am old. I remember buying a Kodak Disc camera at the Base Exchange in 1984. Don’t know what I did with that camera (probably recycled it) but I did take it to Philmont Scout Ranch in 1985 on our 12-day backpacking trek.

    Fr. Z – thanks for showing these pictures doing this task. It shows that men have a natural curiosity as “tinkerers” and like to fix things. I remember the first computer I reconditioned (2003) and while I probably could have purchased a new one with the money I spent, I learned something.

  5. exNOAAman says:

    Re: refs to DYI. Is that meant to be DIY?
    And…this repair doesn’t really have anything to do with ham radio, but, it just does anyway. The unstoppable urge to rush out and fix something that’s too small to see any too tiny to pick up in your fingers.

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