ROME 22/10 – Day 30: Of processions and puzzles and petitions

Some notable changes in the Roman sun schedule since we ended the “ora legale” here.   Today the sun rose on Rome at 6:38 and it will set at 17:09.   We have also moved the ringing of the Ave Maria bell: 17:30, although it is still in the same quarter hour increment as before.

Today, last Sunday in October, in the Traditional Roman Calendar it is the Feast of Christ the King.    It is also the Feast of St. Germanus of Capua (+540).

At Ss. Trinità dei Pellegrini today there will be a Solemn Mass for the closure of the Populus Summorum Pontificum and Summorum Pontificum Pilgrimage.  It should be lovely. I’m heading there in a little while.

Some shots and a puzzle and a pitch or two.

First a pitch.  [UPDATE 31 Oct: I received a lovely note from the sisters saying, among other things:

“Hold off on reposting about the advent candles just yet – we sold out so fast this year (many orders through you!) that we are going to try to make more sets, but we don’t have them just yet. Hopefully in another week or so.” 

I’ll ask them when we can start again with Advent candle orders.  HOWEVER… you can order other things through them, too.  Check out their shop and look around even if you think you are not getting something right now.]

Advent is less than one month away!

The Summit Dominicans are making candles for your Advent wreaths.  Why not get yours from them?  You get nice candles, made by the sisters, and they get your support.    HERE

Processing past Castel Sant’Angelo to St. Peter’s.

The sign of peace during the Solemn Mass in St. Peter’s.

My view for awhile.

Evening in front of the Pantheon.  Venus is above the obelisk. Alas, there are guys peddling these stupid glowing things that you slingshot into the air (to the right).  It’s not an alien green planet.

Walking home after a long day.

White is down a piece. Checks are needed, very precise forcing checks so that the black Queen can’t interfere.  Drive the enemy King and obtain a crushing advantage.

WHITE to move.  [I’ll hold your solutions in the comment queue for a while to let others work it without spoilers.  It has been great to see your answers!]

Interested in learning or improving?  Try THIS.

The Traditional Redemptorists of Papa Stronsay off the coast of Scotland have a 2023 calendar. To buy and help them HERE  They sent me this – try clicking on it to save me some time on a busy morning: 2023 Calendar  To buy and help them: HERE

Lastly, a few things yesterday really caught my eye.

  • The overwhelming number of people participating in the pilgrimage were young and every one was happy.  Even with a little grousing about what’s going on, the general attitude was one of positive resistance with confident resolve.
  • During the procession to St. Peter’s, when we were singing the Litany of Saints, I heard a man’s voice call out, “Gregorian chant!  Hurry!” and I saw some people hustle up to see the procession go by.  A man looked like he was about to cry.
  • I stopped in at a church along the way that I hadn’t seen for a while.  There was a TLM going on.  No, I won’t say what church or when.
  • In the midday, while I was heading home from the Mass. A mother with a baby carriage containing a toddler had stopped and was pointing up at one of the many “madonnelle” in the Roman streets, shrines to Mary.   The toddler followed the eyes and finger and set off an enormous cold-heart melting smile.


Thus, Rome and why I come back even after all the hard times I had here.

Finally, there was a development yesterday involving a long-standing petition.  Fruit of this pilgrimage?  You betchya!  I beg you humbly today to raise a prayer to Mary Queen of the Clergy to bring something to a good end.

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  1. Joseph7505 says:

    I thought I had the answer to the daily puzzle then I started writing it down when I noticed he could escape ?????

  2. Neal says:

    1. Qh4+ Kg7
    2. Qf6+ Kh6
    3. Qh8#

    Not complete though.

  3. Neal says:

    Joseph7505: I couldn’t find an inescapable checkmate either.

  4. Careful. I wrote above: “a crushing advantage” not “checkmate”.

    White is down a piece and has passed pawn.

    1. Ng5+ Kh6 (Checking black with the Queen instead of Knight allows black to escape or block with the Queen. The King can’t run to g8 or mate follows.)
    2. Nf7+ Kh5 (Kh7 would lead to mate. He has to run to h5)
    3. Qh8+ Kg4 (the King has to get off the file and the Queen can’t block)
    4. Qc8+! (BAM!)

    Black has nothing better than to take the Queen, whereupon the b7 pawn retakes the enemy Queen and promotes! Black is down two helpless knights to white’s active knight and queen and black’s King is in the center of the board.

  5. Suburbanbanshee says:

    I’m sorry I didn’t post yesterday… but October 30 is also the date of the martyrdom of Blessed Terence Albert O’Brien, bishop and martyr. (Aka Bl. Toirdhealbhach Albert O’Brien, because Toirdhealbhach was his birth name; and Br. Albert of Limerick among the Dominicans.)

    Bl. Terence Albert was serving as a chaplain and physician during the Siege of Limerick, and was arrested while actually working in the “plague house.” He was dragged before General Ireton, who condemned him to death; but Bl. Terence warned Ireton that he would also die within the month. (Which might have been prophecy, or might have been diagnosis.) And sure enough, Ireton got sick and died within the month, so there you go.

    A newish article from the Dictionary of Irish Biography, with footnotes:

  6. Joseph7505 says:

    I totally thought i was supposed to mate next time i should look for more then just mating

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