Daily Rome Shot 600, (Christmas cards, etc.)

600. Whew.

Meanwhile, …

White to move and, with tactics, gain material and be just winning.

NB: Comments with solutions are held ’till the next day to avoid “spoilers”.

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By the by, it looks like one of you chess interested readers bought a ChessUp board from Chess House (on sale). I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. If it is a gift, someone is going to be happy.

Fraternity of St. Peter seminarians singing Christmas music. Not a bad gift idea.

By FSSP seminarians

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And please …

Send your snail-mail 2022 CHRISTMAS CARDS!

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  1. Adam Piggott says:

    Qxb7 Qxb7
    Rxd8+ Kh7

    Black now has a problem. White didn’t gain any material though, on the contrary, so I could well be wrong.

  2. Black’s pawns – up 1 – are better on both sides. White’s h5 and that isolana on c5 are going to be important. White’s knight on e5 is a beast and the rook is perched to attack. Black’s rook is defended. But is it?

    1. Qxb7! (a sac that removes the rook’s defender) Qxb7 (gotta take)
    2. Rxd8+ (white’s rook is a monster on 8th Street) Kh7 (forced)
    3. Ng6 (cuts off the kind and threatens mate in 1) Qc8 (only play that stops Rh8#)
    4. Rxc8 Nxc8
    5. c5! (trapping black’s Knight)

    This gains tempo for white’s fighting King to swagger to the center and then, depending on how black frees that stabled horsey, slay pawns and lend accompaniment to a pawn as it transgenders on 8th.

  3. Adam Piggott says:


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