Daily Rome Shot 605


Black to move and force mate.

NB: I’ll hold comments with solutions ’till the next day so there won’t be “spoilers” for others.

Watch a great movie, co-directed by Noel Coward and David Lean!

In Which We Serve


Has anyone used the “Watch Party” feature in Amazon?

Please remember me when Christmas shopping online. Thanks in advance.


Lastly, I see that a few of you have bought things from Chess House and someone got a course pack from Remote Chess Academy.  I can’t see who got what, but I hope you enjoy them!  “Giving chess”, especially to a child, can be a lifelong gift.

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  1. PatS says:

    Bxh2, White king must h1, then Bg1, no matter if king or rook take it the Queen is coming. Sorry – had my A & H backward.

    [I do that too when I record my OTB games! That’s why I usually include the rank and file numbers and letters on the image of the board. But if it is “black to move”, the orientation of the board will usually be from black’s perspective.]

  2. Neal says:

    1. …Bxh2+
    2. Kh1 Bg1+
    3. Kxg1 Qh1#

    There are a couple of possible variations, e.g. 3. Qh3 but white should see the writing on the wall.

  3. adriennep says:

    This link to the movie only goes to the Amazon Prime site where where it shows it is included for free to Amazon Prime members — but no DVD to buy, etc.

    Also, your well-used link to buy on Amazon from your web site is great, and makes me feel better about all that stuff I buy, but the link only searches for “catholic” on Amazon, and some very questionable titles also show up there, like Lesbian’s Guide to Catholic School. You should link to your Wishlist.

    Thanks again.

    [Sorry about that bad title. I can’t control them. Clearly evil can slither in, especially when they hold the door open for it. Link to my wish list… hmmm. That’s a thought.]

  4. waalaw says:

    Almost too easy if one follows Fr. Z’s advice to look for forcing moves.

    Bxh2+ K-h1
    B-g1+ (discovered check, clearing path for Q)
    If K×g1
    If N-h3
    Q-h2# (nonetheless)
    If Q-h3
    Rxh3+ (not allowing opportunity to block Q’s diagonal)
    Neither Kxg1 nor g2xh3 stops

  5. Cliff says:

    1. . . . Bxh2+
    2. Kh1 Bf4+ Splitting white Bishop and Knight
    3.Kg1 Bxe3 or Bxg5 take one or the other, it doesn’t matter.
    4. g3 maybe? Actually, that is a decent defense, but if Black does anything else, it is game over with Qh2.

    Clearly I am not cut out to think more than one or two moves deep.

  6. Thanks for chiming in!

    My take.

    Black to move.

    1… Bh2+
    2. Kh1 Bg1! (clearance!)

    White is toast

    If 3. Qh3 Rxh3 4. gxh3 Qh2#
    If 3. Nh3 Qh2#
    If 3. Kxg1 Qh2#

  7. acardnal says:

    I will stream it based on your recommendation!

  8. acardnal says:

    Adriennep: I am a Prime Member but the movie is NOT free to me at the USA Amazon site. I must pay $0.99 cents to watch it.

  9. acardnal: I think you will find it moving. Noel Coward and David Lean co-directed, Lean the action scenes at sea and Coward on shore. A couple of moments really got me: a speech the captain give about failure in duty, the captain’s wife’s speech and the many true convalescent seamen who participated in the film.

  10. acardnal says:

    Fr. Z: FYI, the Captain’s wife (Celia Johnson), Noel Coward and David Lean teamed up later on “Brief Encounter” with the beautiful Rachmaninov Second Piano Concerto as the theme song.

  11. acardnal says:

    I concur with you about the speech the captain gave regarding the failure of the seaman to maintain his post when under attack. One criticism is the rapidity of Coward’s dialogue. Reminded me of “West Wing”.

  12. Charles E Flynn says:

    At Amazon, search in Movies & TV for “In Which We Serve.” Then use the ASIN number of the DVD product (there are several) in Father Z’s Amazon search box.

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