Daily Rome Shot 614

From the magnificent new presepio at Ss. Trinità dei Pelegrini.  Simply fantastic.

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BLACK to move.  Sorry I didn’t put this in at first.

NB: I’ll hold comments with solutions ’till the next day so there won’t be “spoilers” for others.

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Caroling at Ephesus



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  1. Bill Redic says:

    Would you show us, please, more pictures of the “magnificent new presepio at Ss. Trinità dei Pelegrini”? I haven’t found any online, or I wouldn’t trouble you.

  2. Adam Piggott says:

    Merry Christmas, Father Z.

    Qf3 Rf1
    Nxf2 Rxf2
    Rd1+ Kh2

  3. Kentucky Gent says:

    Which side to move in the chess puzzle?

  4. Sorry, BLACK to move. Also you can usually see whose move it is by the way the board is oriented. I try always to include the square notion. This time from left to right it is H G F etc. If it were white from left to right it would be A B C etc.

  5. I’ll get and post more photos of that presepio. It is amazing.

  6. My take. Black has a strong Queen on that diagonal and the white King is down there. White’s Rook is undefended and black’s Rook is staring at it through that jumpy Knight. Who knows what white Queen is doing except trying to become a target and a loss of tempo.

    1. … Rd7
    2. Qe3 Nf4!

    Nf4 is amazing because it starts a double attack on white’s Rook on d1 and threatens mate by Qg2. There isn’t much white can do at this point. If white takes the black Room on c8, then Qg2#. If white takes the Knight, then here comes the black rook. If 2. Qa3 etc., the same theme follows.

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