Pachamama Bishop convicted

This is Archbp. Emmanuel Lafont of French Guiana, retired, during the Amazonian Synod (“Walking Together”). He is “walking together” with the demon idol Pachamama, carrying it ceremonially and scandalously in procession into the Roman church Santa Maria in Traspontina.

We read in La Crock that he was convicted of sexual abuse.  HERE  He was consequently banned from public ministry and required to live in a monastery in France to conduct a life of prayer and penance.

He was NOT dismissed from the clerical state, it seems.

And again, outside the Synod (“walking together”) Hall.

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  1. JustaSinner says:

    Can’t recall the dude that said something about harming one hair on the head of a child…
    /sarc off

  2. Mike says:

    It’s all there in the Book of Wisdom: Let go of God, and you’ve got your hands full of demons. Alas. Poor man.

  3. Amina says:

    trying to avoid looking at this image.

    and Fr Frank Pavone was just laiisized? this cant hold, its incongruous.

    I feel evil is calling the shots now and anything that holds back the evil must go, so the evil can have full vent.

  4. jdt2 says:

    He will most certainly NOT be dismissed from the clerical state, as the…er…men…making those decisions are pack of corrupt, rigid, vicious, left wing sociopaths obsessed with homosexuality, and marginalzing those interested in preaching the faith. They will indeed enjoy power on this earth for a bit; but they will not get a dime out of me, or many of those in my circle, for whatever that is worth. Pray for Father Pavone. Tragicly, he is better off in the lay state. Corporate America is not nearly as bad.

  5. RBill says:

    Not to compare apples to lawnmowers, but …

    There is a odd consistency emanating from the Vatican in these cases. Not collegial? You’re fired/transferred; a la Burke, Plano, etc. Persist in non-collegiality? Laicization; Pavone. Sexual transgressions? Private restrictions; Rupnik. Persistence in activities “below the waist”? Restricted to quiet retirement; Marciel, Belo. Flaunt the gracious authority? Laicization and quiet retirement; McCarrick. Seems consistent in the “vertical” rather than across the “horizontal”.

    I think it’s based on a maintenance of authority. Appear to challenge authority and dismissal is swift. (Traditionis Custodes) Malfeasance in practice but remain publicly supportive of the regime will be handled quietly.

  6. TWF says:

    I’m not sure I ageee with others above that this guy is getting off easier that Pavone. This guy will be restricted to a monastery where the Church will limit his actions and keep an eye on him. Pavone is now effectively a lay man who will keep doing what he was doing, but now probably louder and without any limitations.

  7. James C says:

    This man does not belong in a monastery. He is a criminal and belongs in prison with Rupnick, McCarrick and the rest! How long, oh Lord?

  8. RBill says:

    James C. – I am of like mind. Why is there nothing stronger than an admonishment and quiet retirement?

    Here’s one to contemplate from my recent military service. In the service, if a chaplain committed adultery with a soldier’s wife, the potential punishment from the UCMJ is harsher than from Canon Law. The military is concerned about good order & discipline because soldier’s lives are on the line. But souls are in the line in the Church.

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