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3:16 isn’t just in John.The Tata Steel Tournament is on.  This is one of the biggest of the year.  From the stream before the games begin with commentary. You see toward the top lots of people all stacked up at a barrier.  On the other side are the boards of the super GMs.

Magnus needs to win something like 9 games to gain rating, since most of the players are considerably lower.  Except Ding, of course, whom you see above from yesterday.  Magnus (2859) drew against Levon (2735). Ding (2811)  defeated 16 year old Gukesh (2725).

I tuned into the stream of Round 1 yesterday at YouTube of chess24.  Before the coverage began, near the beginning of the video (6:38 to be exact), there began an ad by aimchess.  That ad literally ended (8:28) with a spectacularly offensive, blasphemous exclamation involving the Most Holy Name.  It was breathtakingly offensive, so much so that I wrote a DM tweet (the only way I could find to write to aimchess).  This morning I noted that there was a different add and that people in chat noticed that it was different.

If any of you have an inclination to tune into coverage of Tata Steel via the YouTube channel and if you see that ad, write a note to aimchess via Twitter… @Aimchessdotcom

P.S.  Only M3GAN and Mittens remain.

I saw a trailer on YouTube for M3GAN… seriously creepy. I won’t be seeing that one.



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