Daily Rome Shot 650

Photo by The Great Roman™

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NB: I’ll hold comments with solutions ’till the next day so there won’t be “spoilers” for others.

Interested in learning?  Try THIS.   The game lasts a lifetime and it presently exploding.  Give a gift to a child.  Children are especially susceptible to chess!

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Yesterday I received a volume of the new series by John Bergsma.  I say the Vetus OPrdo primarily, but I look forward to getting into this.  Bergsma is an excellent commentator and I am confident that I will learn a great deal.  And there is overlap of the pericopes of the Vetus and the Novus.  Thank you donors M&LB for sending this from my wishlist.  I know that another volume (of three) is on the way.

The Word of the Lord: Reflections on the Sunday Mass Readings for Year A

Traditional Catholic site struggling?

Speaking of struggling sites, chess.com is struggling again due to high volume.  There traffic is insane.  I’m reminded of a commercial about a small start up company, so thrilled to make their new web store “live”.  Click.  And orders go from zero to a thousand in a second, thus swamping them before they are ready.

We, too, should be careful when “scaling” our lives.  Gnothi seauton!  We have to know ourselves well when undertaking something.  It is good always to punch above our weight a little, and strive to improve.  But we should be prudent as well, lest in getting in too deep (to mix metaphors) we get swamped.

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  1. VForr says:

    That is beautiful photo! The Great Roman has a great eye.

  2. DCLex says:

    1. Nc5 threatening…. b5 to c7
    2. Nd3#…if 1. b5xc3 then 2. Ne7#

  3. White to move. Where does black’s King go?

    1. Nc5

    Yeah… pretty strong.

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