IMPORTANT BOOK ALERT: The Faith Once for All Delivered: Doctrinal Authority in Catholic Theology – UPDATED

UPDATE 14 Feb 2023:

The Faith Once For All Delivered: Doctrinal Authority in Catholic Theology is a daring selection of essays by prominent orthodox Catholic scholars recently published by Emmaus Academic Press.

The book includes a Foreword and Introduction written by Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke, and an Afterword authored by Robert Cardinal Sarah. The book is edited by Father Kevin Flannery, SJ.

The essays in the first part of this collection seek to answer the question, “What went wrong with Catholic theology since the Second Vatican Council?”

Following a brief account of the movement in modern theology from its philosophical basis in Kant and Hegel to the nouvelle théologie and later progressivist theologies of the twentieth century, the writings of Karl Rahner, Walter Kasper, and Bernhard Häring are treated as representative of principal problematic trends, and the concept of heresy is surveyed as it has been understood in the past and as it operates in the Church today.

The essays in the second part indicate the way forward for Catholic doctrinal and moral theology, examining and distinguishing the orthodox use of the sources of theology of magisterial teachings, the deposit of faith in its development, the “sense of the faithful” (sensus fidelium), Sacred Scripture, and Church councils and synods.

The book is intended for seminarians and young priests who are orthodox in their theology but perhaps lacking an understanding of how today’s liberal Catholic theology fell away from the Tradition.

How is it that we ended up where we are today?

However, the book will also interest orthodox theology students and earnest readers of theology.

Edward Feser’s treatment of the Magisterium is deeply instructive and challenging to the present pontificate. The same is true of John Rist’s masterful commentary on contemporary heresies. These essays are especially valuable in debunking the current German synodal way and stand as a warning about the upcoming Synod on Synodality.

The book has received accolades from the recently deceased George Cardinal Pell and the prolific Gerhard Cardinal Müller.

It is a must read in this day and age.

PRE-ORDER for 27 March ’23 – US HERE – UK HERE (that’s the page, but it isn’t yet available)



Originally Published on: Feb 8, 2023

This is an important book.  I’ve been waiting for it for a long time.  I know well the now-anonymous co-editor, so I’ve been able to follow it’s lengthy gestation.

PRE-ORDER the hardcover.

The Faith Once for All Delivered: Doctrinal Authority in Catholic Theology

Edited by Kevin L. Flannery, [AND BY AN ANONYMOUS EDITOR]

  • Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke (Foreword and Introduction)
  • C.C. Pecknold
  • Christopher J. Malloy
  • Thomas Heinrich Stark
  • Edmund Waldstein, O.Cist.
  • John M. Rist
  • Edward Feser
  • Eduardo Echeverria
  • Kevin L. Flannery, SJ
  • Robert Dodaro, OSA
  • John Finnis
  • Guy Mansini, OSB
  • Robert Cardinal Sarah (Afterword)

US HERE – UK HERE (that’s the page, but it isn’t yet available)

I’ve read Edward Feser’s contribution on the Magisterium.

This is going to be a nightmare for liberals.  It delves into the real meaning of sensus fidei… the sense of the faithful.  That’s exactly what the left does not want.

More to come.

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  1. thomistking says:

    Surprised to see Pecknold and Waldstein there. Is it too much to hope that problems with Francis will lead them to split with Vermuele over his attempt to turn the Pope into a Schmittian Führer?

  2. BeatifyStickler says:

    Father Z, “of course I know the editor, he’s me!” Am I correct? [No!]

    I cannot seem to track it down on the Canadian Amazon to be purchased.

  3. Mac in Calgary says:

    @BeatifyStickler, maybe Indigo will have it. (Disclosure: I worked there for nine years before retirement.)

  4. Notsoserious09 says:

    The sense of the faithful seems to be the most abused tool in the kit of the Church. We laity often misunderstand and use it as if it gives us some authority. The leadership often misuse it as some sort of extra ingredient added to spice up their latest stool-sandwich of heterodoxy shoved across the counter for consumption. If one clears the mind of preconceived notions and reads the simple definition of the term, then the sensus fidei, being a gift from God (supernatural) includes only the faithful (lay and clerical) who bitterly cling to the faith in its entirety. If you asked me for a good example, it would be the recent burial of BXVI. Despite the mad dog insistence that the other guy is Papa and this dead man is/was not, it was clear that the faithful were burying a Pope despite the appearance of “the pope” attending the burial. Schizophrenic yes, but I saw what I saw. Remember that papal authority could, at whim, introduce an “emeritus pope” to Church law, reintroduce the geographical interdict (C19)into law, allow a Bishop to break the interdiction of another Bishop (Pelosi) but none of these things (among many others) have occurred. There is no doubt in my mind, that God will not allow it and hence the authorities have become objectively criminal. The sense of the faithful should allow the faithful to see that.

  5. LDP says:

    May I also draw attention to the book, published only last month, by Dr Joseph Shaw, the Chairman of the Latin Mass Society of England and Wales: ‘The Liturgy, the Family, & the Crisis of Modernity.’ This book contains a collection of his essays which, so far, I have found to be both highly accessible and informative. More info on this link: HERE

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