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IMPORTANT BOOK ALERT: The Faith Once for All Delivered: Doctrinal Authority in Catholic Theology – UPDATED

UPDATE 14 Feb 2023: The Faith Once For All Delivered: Doctrinal Authority in Catholic Theology is a daring selection of essays by prominent orthodox Catholic scholars recently published by Emmaus Academic Press. The book includes a Foreword and Introduction written … Read More

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Wherein homsexualist activist Jesuit Fr James Martin is schooled

Libs attempt to defend their dissent from doctrine – especially about morals (read: sex) – by claiming that the Church’s teachings have not be “received”.  That is, if a large number of people say they don’t agree with the Church … Read More

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Fishwrap: less than enthusiastic about new ITC document on “sensus fidei”.

Over at Fishwrap (aka National Schismatic Reporter), knickers are in twists over the recently issued document from the International Theological Commission, “‘Sensus Fidei’ in the Life of the Church“. As you will recall, at Fishwrap, “sensus fidei“, closely related to … Read More

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