Daily Rome Shot 683

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St Peter’s dome is turning black. Why?

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White to move.  White is in serious trouble and the best outcome is to go the half-point by a draw or stalemate.  Can you “not lose”?

NB: I’ll hold comments with solutions ’till the next day so there won’t be “spoilers” for others.

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  1. Archlaic says:

    Hmm… what sort of airborne matter would darken concrete… Smoke? As in “The Smoke of Satan”? Nah, must be “acid rain” or something to do with “global warming”!

  2. Synonymous_Howard says:

    White’s best defense goes
    1. Rg3 d4 (Qxg3 is stalemate)
    2. Kg2 Kf4 (If Qxg3 the white king can still reach the pawn. The black king has to move or the white king will reach the pawn first)
    3. Rxg4+ Kxg4 (forced)
    4. Kf2 Kf4
    5. Ke2 Ke4
    6. Kd2 d3
    7. Kd1 and black can’t promote the pawn

  3. Maximillian says:

    St Peter’s dome is turning black. Why?

    For the same reason as buildings in London and many cities turned black: air pollution. Rome is one of the most air-polluted cities in the world.

  4. St Peter’s dome is turning black. Why?

    Maybe for the same reason it was struck by lightning ten years ago.

  5. Kathleen10 says:

    Has this ever happened to St. Peter’s before, or is this the first time.
    When did it start.
    Do other buildings in Rome turn black like this.
    Like lightning bolts, it’s completely interesting. I hope others talk about it.

  6. WVC says:

    I wasn’t able to get to the stalemate. My endgame stinks. But not as bad as my openings.

  7. I found this hard. My take.

    White is down. White to move. The objective is a draw or stalemate.

    1. Rg3 (if Qxg3 – stalemate) Kf4
    2. Rxg4 Kxg4
    3. Kg2! (with opposition)

    1. Rg3 d4
    2. Rxg4 Kxg4
    3. Kg2 d3
    4. Kf2 Kf4 (with opposition)
    5. Ke1 Ke3
    6. Kd1 d2 (forces the King)
    7. Kc2 Ke1 (white loses)

    5. Kf1 Ke3
    6. Ke1 d2+
    7. Kd1 Kd3 (stalemate)

    5. Kf1 Kf3
    6. Ke1 Ke3
    7. Kd1 d2 (white loses)

    1. Rg3 d4
    2. Kg2 d3
    3. Kf1 (if Qxg3 stalemate – if d2 then 4. Rxg4)

    The White King is now poised to take the pawn, resulting in a draw.

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