Daily Rome Shot 691

Photo by The Great Roman™

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NB: I’ll hold comments with solutions ’till the next day so there won’t be “spoilers” for others.

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  1. WVC says:

    My take:
    1. Pf4 Qxh5
    2. Nf6+ (the Knight gets a fork while the Queen pins the pawn to the King)


    1. Pf4 Qf5
    2. Nxh6 (the Knight still gets a fork and the Queen still pins the pawn)

    If the Black Queen tries to escape to any other square, she’ll be lost. The only thing I’m not certain of is the Pf4. I guess it could also be Ph4. My thought was to threaten the Black Queen to force her to move to set up the Knight fork.

  2. Kentucky Gent says:

    I would play 1.f4, winning the queen:
    2.Nf6+ followed by
    1…Qf5 and now
    2.Nxh6+ with the same fork as before.
    2.Rxe7 Nxe7

  3. Synonymous_Howard says:

    1. f4 Qf5
    2. Nxh6+ Kh8 (the g-pawn is pinned to the king)
    3. Nxf5

  4. jaykay says:

    The picture is of the Arch of Janus, in the former Forum Boarium, now the Piazza Bocca Della Verità – where you can also see the eponymous mask.

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