Positions available for Catholic, Latin-speaking Latin teachers

Three exceptional positions available for Catholic, Latin-speaking Latin teachers

Belmont NC, 14 March 23.  Three Catholic institutions in Maryland, Arkansas and Indiana, respectively, are looking urgently for Catholic Latin teachers who speak the language and use active pedagogy to teach it.  One is postsecondary, one secondary, and one K-8.

The overall combination of salary and benefits of various kinds is, in each case, exceptional.

Each position is full-time, to start in fall 2023, and each carries with it the opportunity to start, or re-start, an entire Latin program on “Living Latin” principles and practice.

Interested parties please email Nancy E. Llewellyn PhD of the Veterum Sapientia Institute at nllewellyn@veterumsapientia.org.

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  1. Dustin F, OCDS says:

    I did a master’s in classics at UK (Kentucky), where they were advocates of living Latin and pushed a spoken Latin curriculum. Unfortunately, the post is a about decade too late for me. Twelve years later, I am a water/wastewater engineer and would need the students to give me a refresher on noun declensions. (And to be honest, I avoided the spoken Latin portion of the offering there anyway.)

  2. Danteewoo says:

    I have been reconsidering, and I would take that job in Indiana with these stipulations:
    My five children and ten grandchildren could move with me, never mind the fact that I have a daughter in a Benedictine Abbey in my current state. (The monastery would have to move, too.)
    There would be a Ukrainian Catholic parish a half mile away.
    The school would not have too many right-wingers.
    I would be able to proclaim that Francis is an antipope.
    The school packs up my house and moves our 46 years of accumulated stuff.
    The Indiana school is near Ft. Wayne, a very conservative area, but with enough Missouri Synod Lutherans to keep the Catholics from getting too smug.

  3. Fr. Reader says:

    When I studied Latin we had not much of this “Living Latin”, so I am not able to have a normal conversation in Latin more than few basic things.

    Recently I have discovered a Podcast called “Satura Lanx: a podcast to learn Latin, in Latin”. The host is speaks all the time in Latin. It has upper beginner / intermediate content, I am able to follow it almost completely, and makes me wonder why we never learned to speak in Latin, because listening to her makes it looks so easy!
    I think she has another podcast for beginners.

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