UPDATED – My View For Awhile: deepest darkest Brooklyn

The first stage of the Roman April sojourn is underway after a few hectic days and arrangements.

Meanwhile the phone is pinging and beeping with news.

UPDATE 30 March 23

The 3 hour flight to JFK seemed to take 3 days.   There was a youth and mind challenged woman next to who quite simply talked stream of consciousness for nearly the whole flight, pausing only for a breath after asking you a question.  It was… trying.

I wonder how they manage to scratch up the outside of these windows.  Do they pay someone to do it?  Just scratch all the windows on all the planes all day?

A buddy picked me up at JFK and we sought a good bar/resto where I’ve been before.

Which of these is mine?

Today we went into deepest darkest Brooklyn for a couple of needful errands.

I was very happy to spot some daffodils, which are my favorites.  I miss daffodils coming up through the snow.

Lunch at a deli.   Pretty good, but it wasn’t Pastrami Queen, that’s for sure.   Really nice people running it.

Looking all the way across Brooklyn towards the Manhattan skyline.

The rest of the day will involve updating the travel laptop and getting the last things in order before the flight tomorrow.

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  1. SophiaGrace says:

    Buon viaggio! Prayers for safe, uneventful travels.

  2. Not says:

    Godspeed Fr. Z.
    When flying over the cities, I always look down and think of all the souls in all the homes and all the stories. Please continue to pray for us all.

  3. As to the scratched windows, there are TWO theories.

    #1 If the scratches are on the inside, those are from passengers trying to get out. If the scratches are on the outside, those are from the monsters/zombies/aliens trying to get inside. (This is called the Movie-based theory)

    #2 Due to crazing from the weather etc. There are a lot of thermal stresses on the average airliner window. (This is called the science-based theory)

    I’ll leave it to you as to which theory you prefer.

  4. deaconjohn1987 says:

    Now I’m homesick after looking at these photos. I was ordained for the Diocese of Brooklyn on April 25th, 1987. Relocated to Pa for the last 20 years. Can’t find a decent Pastrami Sandwich here. :-( Have a safe trip, Padre. We’ll miss you on the ZedNet!

  5. PostCatholic says:

    Particulate matter (dirt, dust, smoke etc) from the airfield or encountered in flight, even tiny, plus the friction inherent in moving at 400-600 nautical miles per hour, will do that to a window. They don’t actually wash the windows with Brillo pads but it sure can look that way.

  6. Charivari Rob says:

    Eegarding “important errands” and the Flatbush Avenue exit sign: while baseball and Opening Day are indeed important, I regret to inform you that the Dodgers were not playing at home in the City of Kings a.k.a. “4th largest city” a.k.a. borough of churches on Thursday.
    …on the plus side, you were near the airport that actually is in Brooklyn (Floyd Bennett Field) – though I think radio-control drones and maybe the police department helicopters are the only powered craft that take off or land there, lo these many years.

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