Missae pro Missa Update: News release for traditional Catholic media

In my Daily Rome Shot today, I had photos of billboard that have appeared in Rome, quoting popes, in favor of the Traditional Latin Mass.

I subsequently received a request from the people behind a different initiative along with a press release.

I renew my own request with a reminder about committing to be a “Custos Traditionis”.  More on that HERE

Missae pro Missa Update: Help Reach 1 Million Masses for the TLM!

One month after officially launching on Ash Wednesday, Missae pro Missa–the worldwide spiritual bouquet for the preservation of the Traditional Latin Mass–has already received submissions from Catholics in more than 30 countries. As of this writing, over 4,500 Masses and nearly 16,000 rosaries are being offered, all for a singular intention: that this ancient and venerable form of Holy Mass may remain a flourishing and normal part of the life of the Church. Along with hundreds of submissions of “Masses for the Mass,” beautiful testimonials have come pouring in from all across the world, reflecting to what extent participants love the TLM and the Catholic Faith it embodies. From these comments, posted on the website homepage and summarized in this Word Cloud, it is striking (though hardly surprising) that among the most prevalent words are the following: God, Holy, Reverent, Catholic, Faith, Love, Soul, and Heaven.

From the start, our goal for this initiative was–and remains–extremely ambitious: By Pentecost Sunday (May 28), we hope to collect at least one million Masses offered for the preservation of the TLM. Perhaps this is not so impossible when one recalls that the number of TLM-attending Catholics across the world is estimated at well over a million (and growing every day!), not to mention the millions more who are sympathetic to the cause of Tradition. If each of these Catholics simply offered their next Mass for the preservation of the TLM, we would shatter our goal in a week! Regardless of the final number, however, there’s no denying that this spiritual bouquet will be a spiritual force to be reckoned with.

How does offering Masses help? Our Catholic Faith teaches us that in every Mass, Jesus offers Himself–Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity–to His Father in an act of perfect reparation, thanksgiving, adoration, and supplication, renewing the Offering He made on the Cross for these same intentions. Through the Mass, God’s graces flow down to humanity through Jesus and, in a special way, these graces are applied to the intention for which the Mass is offered. When Masses are celebrated or heard for the preservation of the Traditional Latin Mass, Jesus will offer Himself to His Father especially for this intention.

There is no prayer more powerful than the perfect prayer of Jesus in the Mass. God has given us this great gift; let us use it to His–and our–advantage!

To join the spiritual bouquet, please visit https://www.missaepromissa.com/Missae pro Missa is grateful to all who have helped share this initiative and encourages all Catholics who love the TLM to do the same!

My comment.

These are good projects. However, I dream of the day when different traditionally inclined groups would network and coordinate according to tactics and strategy.  Instead, it is rather like watching a large birdcage full of colorful inmates.

In any event, get on board and do your best.

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  1. BeatifyStickler says:

    Great idea!

  2. ProfessorCover says:

    One thing I have often wondered about is how one makes something his intention for a Mass. I typically pray for a lot of relatives (living and dead) and a few deceased friends and enemies when assisting at Mass—particularly while and after Holy Communion is being distributed, although the after part is difficult at a NO M s with all the announcements. Do I just say a pray before Mass stating my intention at the Mass is to offer the Body and Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ for the preservation of the Traditional Latin Mass?

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