UPLIFTING COURSES – We all need continuing education, do we not?

The Catholic Thing is sponsoring a new online course that began on 1 March. It’s not too late.   They have in the past tackled the Dante’s Divine Comedy and The Confessions and City of God by St. Augustine.  This new course is on St. Thomas More’s Utopia.   It will be a four-week courseUtopia shows an additional side of More: his Christian humanism in a very rich work that contains elements of both idealism and satire over human follies. The very title of his book captures that ambiguity. It describes what many would like to think would be perfection — a “utopia” here on earth. But in Greek, as the learned More well knew, “utopia” means literally “no place.” As any real Christian knows, there’s no heaven on this earth, and attempts to create one often lead to hells.  Click HERE and follow the simple instructions to register.

Also coming up courses by Edmund Mazza, whom I believe was hoisted out of his professorship for believing in God.  He wrote saying:

I myself am offering new courses starting on the Feast of St. Thomas Aquinas:
The Real Jesus vs the Fake Jesus
timed to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the release of Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code and with the release of Jesus Revolution in theaters now.

Starting March 8th, I’m also offering Pope History 102 from St. Leo the Great to Alexander VI Borgia.

Here’s the link to enroll: HERE

BTW… while I am in Rome, I’ll be billeted about 5 seconds away from the last resting place of Alexander VI, whose tomb is in a truly beautiful church.

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