Mail From A Priest: “I have finally begun offering the Traditional Latin Mass”

Why I do what I do.

From a priest:

Dear Father,

I wanted to drop a note of gratitude. I have been following your blog for over a decade now and, after 2 and a half years of ordination, I have finally begun offering the Usus Antiquior. My offering of it is still…well…rough let’s say. However, I joyfully offered my first Ember Wednesday today. The state of affairs requires these to be a private Masses…

All this being said, I wanted to thank you and the other vanguards of Tradition. While I do not denigrate the Novus Ordo at all (we all know the areas of improvements let’s call them), but I do find myself yearning to be a better priest due to the prayer of offering the host to the Most Holy Trinity…my own inadequacies as a priest, my sinfulness, my negligence…all are recognized and offered with the host to the Father through His Son.

I simply wanted to drop a note of gratitude and encouragement. My deepest thanks are due to you. My request is that you pray for this poor sinner who wants to lead the flock entrusted to his loving but clumsy care to the experience of Theosis and Divinization by way of the Sacred Heart.

In the Father’s Merciful Heart, …


I will do that.  I ask a prayer for myself.

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  1. JacobWall says:

    Praise be to God.

  2. maternalView says:

    That touches my heart.

    I never even heard of the Ember Days until 3-4 years ago. How sad it makes me to know how much I’ve missed because it was decided we didn’t need these things!

  3. Gab says:

    How glorious! All glory and honour to God!

    On a side note, we have a priest who visits weekly and who recently learned and then started offering the Vetus Ordo. Because he is new to this Mass, he is a little slower than the other ”seasoned” priests in our parish and on occasion he stumbles over some of the more difficult Latin words (in the Propers), but oh! the reverence and attention he gives truly lifts our hearts and minds to God. He is loved and prayed for with gratitude to God.

  4. geordie lad says:

    Thanks be to God for a priest who has discovered the Mass of the Ages and is saying it. May he soon be able to offer it with his people.

  5. Ms. M-S says:

    Quite a while ago in this blog, there was a message from a priest who was truly one of the “lonely and desolate priests” in the Daily Prayer for Priests along with the Morning Offerings here. I always remember that unknown priest when I say the prayer in the mornings, and I will add this priest to the intention because it looks like those good priests who offer the TLM may well go through some desolate times ahead.

  6. WVC says:

    Well done! Splice the Main Brace, Fathers, and then get back to it. So much to do, so few laborers!

  7. Irish Timothy says:

    God bless that priest for that doing that and his lovely email. And God bless you too Fr. Z!

  8. mburduck says:

    As my Marine friends would say, outstanding!

  9. Kathleen10 says:

    Yes how kind of him to let you know, Fr. Z. You will certainly have lots to commend you when you meet St. Peter! Imagine being responsible for one Holy Mass, let alone all that will come from this and others. And your impact on so many readers, how many Confessions, returns to Catholicism, better understanding of Catholicism, saints, liturgy, etc. So many wonderful things.

  10. cmfzed says:

    While the laity are quietly building home chapels as the tide rises, I pray those priests who want to learn the Vetus Ordo are taking steps to connect with their brethren and learn it.

  11. Sportsfan says:

    Hang in there Fathers!
    All us TLM loving lay people are behind all you TLM offering priests…. literally AND figuratively.

  12. Our Lady of Good Help says:

    I wept with tears of both sadness and joy reading this. God Bless this most Holy and humble priest and God Bless you, Fr. Z. Not until heaven will you see all you have done for the Glory of God in so many lives, mine included.

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