Daily Rome Shot 795

Right now, the relic of the arm of St. Jude the Apostle is being brought on a tour of these USA. Schedule HERE

However, the church, above, is where the relic is usually kept and venerated.

Bonus shot.  A side chapel.

Meanwhile,… black is threating mate in the corner.  White to move.  What to do?


NB: I’ll hold comments with solutions ’till the next day so there won’t be “spoilers” for others.

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Yesterday Magnus buried Nepo in Speed Chess.  MVL beat Nihal Sarin.  Today, Sam Shankland and Wesley So have played in the under bracket but I don’t know the outcome.  I’m hopefull.

In OTB today I had a long battle against probably the strongest player in the club, from Romania.  Eventually, we swapped down and he had an extra pawn.  Hence, I am garbed in the disheveled rags of the mourning dust-laden outcast.   You could cheer me up by making a donation for victuals, etc., for my upcoming Roman sojourn.

Remember the good Dominican Sisters of Summit!

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  1. amenamen says:

    White must keep black in check, or face instant checkmate by black’s queen.
    1. Rh8+, Kxh8
    2. Qd8+, Kh7
    3. Qh4 mate

  2. brotherbeowulf says:

    Vigil of Feast of the Stigmata of St. Francis
    16th Sept. 2023 A. D.

    C’mon Padre.

    Q to g2.


    Not maté.

    [Orrr…. as I wrote: “Meanwhile,… black is threating mate in the corner.  White to move.  What to do?”]

  3. brotherbeowulf says:

    My bad

    Rook to h8


    Q to d8

    Rook blocks in which case

    Q takes Rook. Mate.

    Or K to h7, Q to h4.

    Mate. Or Mate.

    Keep the Maté.

  4. waalaw says:

    Trite but someimes true.
    The best defense is a good offense.

    1. R-h8+ Kxh8
    2. Q-d8+
    If . . . K-h6
    3. Q-h8#
    If . . . R-g8
    3. Q-h4+ K-g7
    4. Q-e7+
    Either K-h6 or K-h8 results in a stalemate with White repeatedly countering with Q-h4+ and back to Q-e7+.

  5. anj says:

    If Rg8 then QxR#
    If Kh7 then Qh4#

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