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Pope Francis prays for success of initiative to convert Anglicans

In the wake of the decision of the State tethered Church of England to have wyshyps (female bishops), the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham set up a “Exploration Day”. You know that the Ordinariate was created according to the … Read More

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So, a couple of lesbians walk into an Anglican church…

Over at CMR there is a story about how a couple of Lesbians brought a child to an Anglican vicar asking for baptism for the child. The Lesbians wanted to be, both of them, listed as “mother”. The vicar refused. … Read More

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Russian Orthodox Metropolitan’s grim letter to the new Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury

Here is the Russian Orthodox Metropolitan Hilarion’s letter to the new Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury: Dear Brother and Lord Bishop, I would like to extend to you wholehearted congratulations on your election as Head of one of the oldest episcopal … Read More

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Keep repeating: “Anglicanorum coetibus… Anglicanorum coetibus…”

We should all be ready on the bank with good towels and disinfectants as Anglicans begin swimming the Tiber. Benedict XVI is the Pope of Christian Unity From CNN we learn that the Protestant Anglican Church in England rejected even … Read More

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