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Russian Orthodox react to Coronovirus: “the Bloodless Sacrifice can in no way be canceled”

The Russian Orthodox Church is making changes to how their people receive Communion. HERE NB: They are not cancelling their Divine Liturgy. They are not cancelling Communion.  My emphases. Instructions to Rectors and their Parishes, and to Abbots and Abbesses of … Read More

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Russian Orthodox now to celebrate more Western Saints including St. Patrick

Here is some interesting East and West, both-lungs news which is also seasonal. From blog Ad Orientem (excellent title): St. Patrick of Ireland and other Western saints officially added to Russian Orthodox Church calendar St. Patrick, the great enlightener of Ireland, … Read More

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“Liturgies” compared

In the combox under a different entry, one of the participants here posted a link to a video that wasn’t perfectly relevant to the topic, but… I can’t resist sharing it with a wider audience. Keep in mind that the … Read More

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Russian Orthodox Metropolitan’s grim letter to the new Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury

Here is the Russian Orthodox Metropolitan Hilarion’s letter to the new Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury: Dear Brother and Lord Bishop, I would like to extend to you wholehearted congratulations on your election as Head of one of the oldest episcopal … Read More

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The Russians aren’t coming! The Russians aren’t coming!

From Reuters: Exclusive: Orthodox leader urges Vatican to resolve dispute By Philip Pullella | Reuters – 23 hrs ago ROME (Reuters) – A senior leader of the Russian Orthodox Church on Monday called on the Vatican to do more to … Read More

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A different take on Russian roulette

I have a hard time trusting the press when reporting things such as this.  I am inclined to believe what LifeSite reports. Still, I think this requires additional explanations. I thought that the Russian Orthodox Church and the Catholic Church … Read More

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