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The BBC – if you can believe it – has an interesting audio story about: “Trying to save the Latin Mass in France” – UPDATED

The BBC – if you can believe it – has an interesting audio story about Trying to save the Latin Mass in France This is worth listening to.  Description: Communities that celebrate with the Latin Mass have prospered. Now, Pope … Read More

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Card. Turkson: eaten alive by BBC

Peter Card. Turkson was eaten alive on the BBC’s program HardTalk.  HERE Admittedly, the interviewer was a prime example of the BBC’s vicious worst. The program, HardTalk, is pretty brutal.  You agree to go on at your peril. Result this … Read More

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BLECH! *splik* BLECH! GAK!

I read this at the BBC and it disgusts me.  I believe it. Men!  Talk like men! More men speaking in girls’ ‘dialect’, study shows More young men in California rise in pitch at the end of their sentences when … Read More

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Whaddya gonna call ’em… Whoies?

Many of you are Trekkies.  I suspect many of you are… whaddya gonna call ’em… Whoies? I was over at BBC 4 today to listen to reading of CS Lewis’ Screwtape Letters.  Cleese is better.  It is the anniversary of … Read More

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Can Gregorian Chant synchronize hearts?

Some people quote the phrase “He who sings, prays twice!” and they (wrongly) attribute it to St. Augustine of Hippo.  The phrase does not appear in anything we have of Augustine. Also, it would be better if you said “He … Read More

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Must watch and hear. Palestrina.

Tip of the biretta to NLM for this on Gloria TV.  It is a BBC show on Palestrina.  Fantastic views of Rome.

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Did the Holy Father get a free ride from the BBC during his visit?

From Damian Thompson: The Times’s paywall is mysteriously down, so I nipped behind it and found a blog post from my former colleague the Rev George Pitcher, now the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Secretary for Public Affairs. Writes George: I confess … Read More

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