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What’s wrong with this picture?

Apart from the fact that Card. Turkson is in it… apart from the fact that the execrable Nancy Pelosi is in it… spot anything that’s conspiculously not there? We welcome @SpeakerPelosi from the US House of Representatives.We talked about caring … Read More

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Card. Turkson: eaten alive by BBC

Peter Card. Turkson was eaten alive on the BBC’s program HardTalk.  HERE Admittedly, the interviewer was a prime example of the BBC’s vicious worst. The program, HardTalk, is pretty brutal.  You agree to go on at your peril. Result this … Read More

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Of comments on religious persecution and of John Allen’s new book.

The Fishwrap‘s solitary boast, the nearly ubiquitous John L. Allen, Jr., has good text on (inter alia) the persecution of Christians – a topic on which he is über-credible.  He includes comments made by Card. Turkson.  This deserves your attention: … Read More

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Contradictory reports about the “white paper” of the Pont. Council “Iustitia et Pax”

I posted about the story on Chiesa that Card. Bertone, the Secretary of State, was blind-sided by the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace controversial (dreadful) “white paper” and that, subsequently, he decided that all documents have to get the … Read More

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More on the one-world-government “white paper” from Pont. Council for Justice and Peace

Over at Chiesa, there is a piece about the new, confused “white paper”, as I prefer to call it, from the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace. Too Much Confusion. Bertone Puts the Curia Under Lock and Key The document … Read More

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