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On Twitter @JamesMartinSJ attacks a Bishop for pointing out the OBVIOUS about pro-abortion ‘c’atholic politicians… blocks response

Jesuit homosexualist activist James Martin, who promoted his agenda by consorting with the Party of Death at the DNC, has on Twitter attacked a Catholic Bishop, Most Rev. Richard Stika. Stika expressed what every properly formed and oriented Catholic would: … Read More

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@BishopStika responds to @FatherZ, who responds in turn. And feedback about yesterday’s furious post.

Yesterday, I expressed my anger at the selfish jackasses who verbally abused a woman working the switchboard of a US diocese because that diocese’s bishop, Most. Rev. Richard Stika of Knoxville banned Communion on the tongue due to COVID-1984. He … Read More

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Wherein a furious Fr. Z gives selfish, cruel jackasses a piece of his mind

In the wake of stories of bishops banning, or attempting to ban, Communion on the tongue for as long as Coronvirus threatens… how long with that be?… I wrote a few blog posts on the matter. Today, I’ve looked around to … Read More

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@BishopStika issues a Decree for @knoxdiocese and people react. Wherein Fr. Z makes an entreaty

___ Originally Published on: May 11, 2020 at 19:42 I has come to my attention via LifeSite that His Excellency Most Rev. Richard Fr. Stika, Bishop of Knoxville on 6 May issued a DECREE (it says “decree”) which says, inter … Read More

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Bp. Stika (D. Knoxville) on true human ecology, Planned Parenthood, trauma

Reading the news around the Catholic world you would think that prelates and priests and lay faithful alike are going absolutely loony about climate change.  Since Laudato si’ it seems as if those who read selectively have been rushing lemming-like to … Read More

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