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An interesting video from a completely trad “personal apostolic administration”

In Brazil, within the Diocese of Campos, there is a “Personal Apostolic Administration” dedicated to St. John Vianney (PAASJV).    Just as there is a “Personal Ordinariate” for former Anglicans, which have their own governance and liturgical books, etc. and … Read More

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BRAZIL: Did these bishops allow women to concelebrate Mass?

A reader alerted me to this from fratresinunum.com about bishops in Brazil who allow two women to concelebrate Mass with them.  It is in Portuguese.  Not my translation: Two women “concelebrated” the Mass with bishops of the CNBB. Is this … Read More

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¿Dónde están los niños?

During the state ceremonies yesterday for Pope Francis arrival in Brazil, the group of priests I a with (it is our annual summer gathering) note that he was all long-face during the playing of the anthems. We think we know … Read More

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When clowns attack

WARNING: This may make your eyes and ears bleed.  No.  Really. It is hard to know how to react to this.  I have so many thoughts and emotions at once. Preliminary observations: I think what you are going to see … Read More

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Another way to destroy the Church where you are.

Hell’s Bible has a piece about one way some people are trying to “revitalize” the Catholic Church in Brazil.  Rather, this is how Hell’s Bible and those who work for the enemy against the Church want the Church to try … Read More

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What is going on in Brazil with Masons and Catholics?

Rorate has this, but I want to bring it to the attention of as many people as possible… lest nothing be done about it. Keep in mind that Catholics cannot be Masons.  Period.  Masonry and Christianity are not compatible.  As … Read More

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Patriotic Church in China reps met with… ?

Just as the Patriotic (state run) Church in Communist China is planning to consecrate a few more bishops, here, I read at CWN that … Leaders of Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association meets with Brazilian bishops, propose dialogue A delegation from … Read More

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