An interesting video from a completely trad “personal apostolic administration”

In Brazil, within the Diocese of Campos, there is a “Personal Apostolic Administration” dedicated to St. John Vianney (PAASJV).    Just as there is a “Personal Ordinariate” for former Anglicans, which have their own governance and liturgical books, etc. and which overlaps dioceses, or just as there are “national parishes” within the geographic territory of another parish, the PAASJV has its own bishop, its own clergy, etc., within the territory of the Diocese of Campos.  It is “personal” in the sense that it is for “persons” who are dedicated to traditional expressions of our Catholic Faith.

It seems to be thriving.

Here’s a mind exercise for bishops who are concerned – as they ought to be – about shifting demographics and the challenge of “new” evangelization, etc.

How about trying tradition.

In these USA at least this is a fast growing sector of a shifting Catholic population… shifting to the door, that is.

Traditional Catholics, still a minority, are worth your time.   They are worth your TLC because they are members of your flock.  They are also worth your TLC because their numbers are growing, they are having lots of children, they tend to more generous in their giving and, if treated well, they would go to the wall for you.

But, no.  Traditional Catholics are, in these USA, still the single most marginalized sector in the Church.   Some other special interest group pops up and you run around with your hair on fire ready to say Masses for them, get something in to the diocesan budget for them, assign someone to over see them.   Traditional Catholics?  Pfffft.

Anyway, here is a video from  the PAASJV’s Bp. Rifan, whom I’ve met when he celebrated a Pontifical Mass in NYC some years ago.

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  1. michael says:


  2. Ivan says:

    “But, no. Traditional Catholics are, in these USA, still the single most marginalized sector in the Church.”

    Not only in these USA.
    In whole Europe is the same, in many countries even worse.
    Ever been in Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, even Croatia!
    The traditional Catholics are already for a long time in the catacombs. And persecuted, yes, by almost exclusively VaticanII modernist clergy.

  3. majuscule says:

    This is a US based non-profit where you can donate to support their projects.

    Friends of Campos:

  4. Percusio says:

    “Traditional Catholics are, in these USA, still the single most marginalized sector in the Church.”
    No, I do not think so. I think the “Traditional” minded Catholics in the “Novus Ordo Missae” diocesan priests are even more marginalized. They are attacked by the “Traditionalists” as the cause of all the worlds problems in offering a Mass that is the “cause” of the evil in the world, and they are rejected by their own bishops, except for perhaps one bishop in the US, and thrown out by their bishops and cannot even have a place to live. They are so marginalized that you are not even aware of their numbers or who they are because they suffer “behind the scenes” which makes their suffering even greater than the Traditionalists. But from the attitude and dispositions of both sides, they “deserve it”.

  5. iPadre says:

    I had the honor of meeting Bishop Rifan and was a sacred minister for a Pontifical Mass he celebrated in Providence. He is a very nice man.

  6. Padre Pio Devotee says:

    They produced a Holy Week video composed of highlights from all their Holy Week services about two years ago. It was very moving as well! God bless them through Mary Immaculate!

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