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An important note about the Dubious Dubia™ for “Traditionis custodes”. The way to cut through the obvious cruel intent and BE TRULY PASTORAL.

Traditionis custodes, a cruel and incoherent document, exceeded in incoherent cruelty by the Responses to the Dubious Dubia™, must fail. Together, they do something unprecedented: they attack diocesan bishops. However, for all the bishops out there who are wondering what … Read More

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Additional Notes from @FatherZ on the Dubious Dubia concerning “Traditionis custodes”

My first reactions are HERE. Note One.  The timing of these “responsa“… Merry Christmas everyone!   It’s as if they wanted to hurt people even more by making these changes close to such an important day, bound up with Midnight Masses … Read More

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D. Bridgeport @diobpt – @BishopCaggiano issues a decree concerning the cruel Traditionis custodes – not bad!

The Society of St. Hugh of Cluny is located in the Diocese of Bridgeport.  Bishop Frank Caggiano of Bridgeport has issued his decree concerning the implementation of Franci’s Plessy v. Ferguson legacy document, Traditionis custodes. Become a Custos Traditionis – HERE Bp. Caggiano’s document … Read More

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The wonders of Canon 87

I’ve been, as I am sure you have, watching the reactions of bishops in the wake of Francis’ Plessy v. Ferguson document Traditionis custodes. BTW… do become a Custos Traditionis (HERE) and don’t forget the Novena to St. Ann (HERE). In general … Read More

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“I urge everyone to think carefully about how to approach your local bishops.”

At Rorate there is a strong piece which examines the Motu Proprio. It is by a canonist writing with a nom de plume. I’ve read it over a couple of times, along with Traditionis, and I’ve been contacted by, and have … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Who can dispense Holy Day of Obligation?

From a reader… QUAERITUR: A friend of mine just informed me that the Solemnity of Mary isn’t [wasn’t] a Holy Day of Obligation in the whole state of California. What ecclesiastical body has the authority to grant such dispensations? In … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Extraordinary Communion Minister at a TLM if the priest is infirm?

From a reader: May a duly commissioned Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion distribute the host at Mass in the Extraordinary Form when the celebrating priest is physically impeded from doing so? It would seem that paragraph 28 of Universae Ecclesiae … Read More

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